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The Development of Technology for ACEs (part 3)

Following off of the work I did in part two of our blog post series on the development of technology for ACEs, where I tried to map out some of the possible needs and areas of functionality we could consider, the next step should be to try and build early-stage mockups and prototypes addressing some of these needs; and validate that the needs are indeed addressed in useful ways. About a year or so ago, I built a working prototype of a subset of the functionality I envisioned could be useful...

Stressed Brains Can’t Learn: Paper Tigers, A Documentary Film By James Redford On Trauma-Informed Education []

Eastern Montana CASA GAL Inc., along with Fallon County Tobacco Prevention, and SMART, will be hosting a screening of Paper Tigers, a film that captures the pain, danger, beauty and hopes of struggling teens – and the teachers armed with new science and fresh approaches that are changing lives for the better. The documentary film, directed by James Redford and Executive Produced by Karen Pritzker, will be screened on March 2, 2017 at 4 p.m. at the Baker High School ITV Room and is open to...

New report identifies neighborhoods in need of behavioral health services []

At first glance, Philadelphia zip codes 19148 and 19120 might seem to have little in common. The 19120 zip code is on the northern edge of the city, bordering Cheltenham Township and including parts of the Olney, East Oak Lane and Lawncrest neighborhoods. The 19148 zip code is along the Delaware River in Southeast Philadelphia, just below the Pennsport neighborhood and bisected by I-76 before it links to the Walt Whitman Bridge. But what these two areas have in common, according to a new...

How Going to Jail Changed My Life Path, Part 2 []

Three years have passed since I first went to jail. I often think back to the bumpy, almost dangerous, ride over the bridge to Rikers Island. My classmates and I would hold onto our belongings and the handles of the van as we swerved to avoid potholes and bumps in the road, crossing from freedom to a caged environment. After the first few trips, I found myself focusing less on the obstacles of the road and more on the emotions bumping around in my head: the usual nerves to face a corrections...

2017 The 500 Cities Project: New Data for Better Health []

For the first time ever, the CDC and CDC Foundation are providing city and neighborhood level data for 500 of the largest U.S. cities, making it possible to identify emerging health problems and effective interventions. Old Colony YMCA in Brockton, Massachusetts recently discovered something startling: a single neighborhood more burdened by poor health such as asthma, high blood pressure, and elevated cholesterol than surrounding areas. Most surprising, however, was that this particular area...

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Types of audit -- Q for clinicians

Russell Wilson
I'm trying to get some information pertaining to local (to me) auditing of patients' clinical files regarding whether or not patients have been asked about history of childhood adverse events. Some years ago, someone from a male survivors of sexual abuse, in a public forum, asked if local patients were being asked about their experience of childhood abuse / trauma. A reply came back from a nurse in the audience "there's a couple of questions about that on the admission form, but they're not...Read More...
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How about Informed, Trauma-Informed Care?

Russell Wilson
What do others think of this response from a Nurse Educator in Mental Health (who says she's not a clinician): "The information and research used to inform staff includes; SAMHSA’s concept of trauma and guidance for a trauma informed approach. We also have the SAFEWARDS model that has been implemented throughout our in-patient services, and staff are being trained in SPEC (safe practice, effective communication) 4 day training – with emphasis on TIC, patient centred care and recovery -- (MY...Read More...
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