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People who were abused as children are more likely to be abused as an adult

People who were abused as children are more likely to be abused as an adult Exploring the impact of what can sometimes be hidden crimes. 27 September 2017 More than half (51%) of adults who were abused as children experienced domestic abuse in later life, new analysis has revealed 1 . Domestic abuse includes sexual assault, non-sexual abuse and...

Limited Dollars, Significant Influence: How We Advocate, Convene & Catalyze

So Your Grant $ Don’t Go Far? Then be little but loud! Using your voice with people of influence can move others to action. Be they business, foundation or policy makers; you have credibility (earned or not) just by virtue of being a foundation. You can provide a stronger voice for the cause represented by the nonprofits that do the work you care about. That voice can be through social media, through newspaper editorials, through presentations to civic groups, etc. You can involve volunteer...

What Can We Learn From the Santa Fe Shooting: The Mindset Must Change

NOTE: Adapted from the author’s previously posted article, America After a School Shooting: The Mindset Must Change . In the wake of the Santa Fe Shooting , we are likely to respond with the same blame focus as with the Parkland school shooting (more gun control, a broken mental health system, bad parenting, bad President, etc.) instead of how our mindset needs to change. After the 22 nd US school shooting this year, we need to look at root causes instead of focusing on surface problems. Not...

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia to Host Webinar: "Playing Catch-up -- How to Address US’ Lag in Reducing Child Mortality Rates"

Health policy stakeholders, government agency staff, child health policy advocates, elected officials, and healthcare providers are invited to join a webinar entitled: "Playing Catch-up -- How to Address US’ Lag in Reducing Child Mortality Rates" A recent study published in Health Affairs revealed that the United States lags behind all other wealthy nations in reducing its overall child mortality. In depth analysis by co-author, Dr. Christopher Forrest of Children's Hospital of...

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Looking for Services in the Atlanta area

Mary Beth Colliins
I have a family with a 15 & 17 yr old (almost 18 yr old) who is desperate for trauma services and support programs. There are at minimum 6 ACEs as well as other mental health diagnoses impacting both girls. The psychiatric hospital has not been very helpful for the older sister who will be kicked out when turning 18 yr old when they withdraw services. I'm hoping someone here is familiar with the area and may have a referral or two that I can pass along to this family. They actually live...Read More...
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Podcast Interview

Teri Wellbrock
Hi everyone! I host and produce The Healing Place Podcast (you can listen to past episodes directly from my website or on iTunes and Blubrry). I am looking for anyone interested in joining me on air to discuss motivational stories, inspirational tales, healing, hope, positive developments in the world of ACEs and trauma-informed care, therapy modalities, etc. I have done Skype interviews, phone interviews, and face-to-face. And I am totally flexible to times (day, evening, or weekend). If...Read More...
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Research on ACE Scores in Teachers?

Hello, I’m new to the Ace Connection. I’m excited to be a member. Question: I am pursuing a Master’s Degree in Education Administration. I would like to do my master’s thesis’s on teachers’ personal ACE score and their perception of discipline practices in schools. Does anyone know of research that addresses these issues (or something simliar)? Thanks in advance!Read More...
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Hiring in Charlotte, NC: Project Manager to work with the community and ACES committee structure to raise awareness of ACEs and brain development, foster resilience, and to embed these principles in the Charlotte area community.

Carolinas HealthCare System is Atrium Health. Our mission remains the same: to improve health, elevate hope and advance healing - for all. The name Atrium Health allows us to grow beyond our current walls and geographical borders to impact as many lives as possible and deliver solutions that help communities thrive. For more information, please visit Job Summary The Project Manager (Independent Contractor Position) will work with the community and ACES...Read More...