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Trauma Informed Care -- Workforce training framework

A colleague of mine -- here in New Zealand!! -- recently passed the attached PDF, from Scotland, onto me. It concerns a relatively recent, and still developing, proposed trauma training framework. This might be helpful to others wishing to go further in introducing TIC in their own services. It includes a consideration of ACEs. Naturally, it needs to incorporate culture-specific additions or modifications to suit your local conditions. The document as it is likely has broad application.

Hospital 'Baby Boxes' May Help Prevent SIDS in Newborns []

Child care experts say it's dangerous for infants to sleep in the same bed with their parents. Now, researchers report that "baby boxes" and parent education can help reduce the unsafe practice. Bed-sharing is linked with sleep-related deaths in babies, including sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), and accidental suffocation and strangulation, according to background information with this study. For the study, researchers at Temple University Hospital in Philadelphia recruited more than...

California State board rethinking how to measure performance of alternative schools []

State law recognizes that schools primarily serving expelled students, dropouts and students who had trouble coping in traditional schools should be held accountable for academic performance – but by different measurements. This month, the California State Board of Education began a more than year-long process to determine what those metrics should be, which schools should be measured by them and how the schools should fit into the larger system of accountability and school improvement the...

Memorial Day 2017...Remembering Military Kids and Families Who Served America Too!

"Saving your children, family and loved ones from intergenerational Post Trauma Stress (PTS)…" “Let’s raise children who won’t have to recover from their childhoods.” ~ Pam Leo Following is an excerpt from my new book released for the 70th Anniversary of the End of WWII... Chapters The Wrath of Stigma Local Community, Partnerships, and Responsibility Parents, Teachers, and Mentors Teaching Kids Empathy & Compassion…The dangers of emotional numbness & denial… How Does Moral Injury...

The Drug Dealer's Daughter & the Spoken Word Stories of ACEs

Storytelling is always beautiful and that is true no matter what truth is being told. If a story has moved me to tears I don't feel sad I feel more alive, human, connected and maybe even overjoyed. To get to hear a story is like being able to watch a flower push through dirt. It's having the honor of being present at a birth and getting to see labor shift into new life. Hearing story isn't always dramatic. Sometimes, it's the exhale of relief, the coming home after grocery shopping and...

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Primary Care Providers in Florida

Hello community, I am looking for a pediatric primary care provider in the Cape Coral/Fort Worth area of Florida as a possible referral for an individual who has needs primary and behavioral health care. The provider must accept Medicaid. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. -AmandaRead More...

Topics & Trainers

Tracy Henegar
I am exploring the possibility of putting together a Trauma Symposium in the Twin Ports (Duluth MN/Superior WI) for fall of 2017. The goal is to reach a broad audience including but not limited to: early childhood, school staff, non-profits, justice, etc. I'd like feedback on 1) what are the important topics to include sessions on (certainly ACEs, but what breakouts) that will draw in different stakeholders, and 2) are you aware of presenters who might be willing to help out in Northern WI?Read More...
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TIC Credential

Hello All, I am in search of some kind of non -counseling TIC credential. I do trainings with other service providers and organizations on trauma and TIC. I do not do individual direct service. Much of what I have done to this point has been self-taught. It would be great to have an official credential or certification of some kind that says to others "I know what I'm talking about." BTW, I am located in Pennsylvania. Thanks for the help! - Mike Ritter dvipec@dviolc.orgRead More...
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We are exploring best practice adaptations to administering the ACE study in a more trauma sensitive way? In schools, primary health and other professional communities, parents may become more reluctant to answer ACE questions. Many of them feel that the ACE questions are not relevant to the context of serviceRead More...
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Dawn Cretney
Hello, you may be aware last night 22 May 2017 we experienced a bombing of a children/teen pop concert here in Manchester. 22 confirmed dead as I write with 59 injured. We have teachers and parents needing practical advice and support to help children and young people manage the situation (directly and indirectly). We know to direct children to 'look for the helpers' in such situations but does anyone have any other practical advice and ideas for support that we can share with parents and...Read More...
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