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Half of kids experience trauma, new report says []

Nearly half of children nationwide experience at least one traumatic event before they reach age 17. That’s according to a recently released report examining trauma among children from the federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, compiled from government data. That statistic doesn’t surprise DeJernet Farder, who teaches first grade at Morton School of Excellence in East Garfield Park. [For more on this story by Alison Bowen, go to...

State Of Wisconsin, City Of Milwaukee Urge Trauma-Informed Care []

A Wisconsin pediatrician is recommending closer attention be paid to what appears to be the slightest injuries on very small children. The issue is part of a statewide discussion on childhood trauma and its lasting effects. Dr. Angela Rabbitt is an associate professor at the Medical College of Wisconsin. She spends one day a week at a Children's Hospital of Wisconsin clinic in Elkhorn that helps abused and neglected kids. Rabbitt says more attention needs to be paid to what's known as...

Fragments of Lost Dreams

I found one solitary page of a book I began to write in 2001. I was still using a word processor then, but the single page clearly reflects the damage caused when a mother-daughter attachment has not occurred.

Post Traumatic Journaling

Stumbled upon an old journal entry of was written after my 3rd sexual assault, age 27 Sometimes I feel that being a Woman must be similar to being a piece of the earth. Not so much in a spiritual or moral sense, but metaphorically so. It is understandable that so many ancient cultures should refer to an "entity" or force of nature described as "Mother Earth". We, Woman, begin our existence fresh and pliable, fertile and necessary; with time, exposure to elements compacts and...

Two studies point to the power of teacher-student relationships to boost learning (Hechinger Report)

" Published in the June 2018 issue of the Economics of Education Review, the researchers found that this increased student-teacher familiarity led to higher test scores, albeit a small increase, after controlling for students’ prior academic achievement and teacher differences. The benefits of getting the same teacher twice in a row were largest for minority students. And when a large share of classmates had the same teacher as before, even kids who were new to the class posted higher than...

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Looking for Services in the Atlanta area

Mary Beth Colliins
I have a family with a 15 & 17 yr old (almost 18 yr old) who is desperate for trauma services and support programs. There are at minimum 6 ACEs as well as other mental health diagnoses impacting both girls. The psychiatric hospital has not been very helpful for the older sister who will be kicked out when turning 18 yr old when they withdraw services. I'm hoping someone here is familiar with the area and may have a referral or two that I can pass along to this family. They actually live...Read More...
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Podcast Interview

Teri Wellbrock
Hi everyone! I host and produce The Healing Place Podcast (you can listen to past episodes directly from my website or on iTunes and Blubrry). I am looking for anyone interested in joining me on air to discuss motivational stories, inspirational tales, healing, hope, positive developments in the world of ACEs and trauma-informed care, therapy modalities, etc. I have done Skype interviews, phone interviews, and face-to-face. And I am totally flexible to times (day, evening, or weekend). If...Read More...
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