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How Women's Studies is Helping Rural Teens Fix Their Social Culture []

On an early December morning at Golden Valley High School in Central California, a few girls, wrapped in a seasonal trend of blankets instead of coats, shuffle into Annie Delgado's classroom. They settle into desks among other sophomores, juniors, and seniors as an electronic blare jump-starts fourth period. Delgado, 45, reading glasses pushed to the top of her head, instructs them to reflect on the conversations about body positivity and social media they began last fall. "Do you ever stop...

What Will It Take to Desegregate Chicago? []

By 2030, Chicago will seem like a citadel of concentrated wealth. Estimates indicate that its white population will increase by 14 percent, and rich households making over $125,000 will grow by a striking 42 percent. Meanwhile, it is predicted that its black population will drop by 17 percent—to the lowest level since the 1950s. The surrounding suburbs are forecasted to see a 44 percent increase in Latinos, and a 12 percent growth in households making under $30,000. Currently the population...

A Teens Voice - Strength-Based (Trauma-Informed Leadership Programs (SBTILP)

May 20th, 2018 Chanaiah Maxwell Philadelphia, PA To Whom It May Concern: Not long ago, I was asked to name three of my biggest influences in the world. Naturally, as the only child of a supportive and loving single parent, the very first person I thought to state was my mother. The second person was Judy Nelson, my very first boss. Judy was no typical boss. She was in no way conventional. Judy was honest, an open ear and heart, and a true leader. Yes, she signed my time sheets weekly, and I...

A Healthcare Giant Enters the Battle for Cheaper Housing []

Housing is healthcare. That’s a common refrain among leaders working on public health issues that range from substance abuse to food insecurity. Fighting poverty and homelessness, and treating the many negative health outcomes associated with living outside shelter, starts with helping people secure safe, affordable housing. It’s the bedrock tenet of the “ housing first” movement. This intersectional approach to public health can be witnessed in dozens of cities across the country . But the...

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Looking for Services in the Atlanta area

Mary Beth Colliins
I have a family with a 15 & 17 yr old (almost 18 yr old) who is desperate for trauma services and support programs. There are at minimum 6 ACEs as well as other mental health diagnoses impacting both girls. The psychiatric hospital has not been very helpful for the older sister who will be kicked out when turning 18 yr old when they withdraw services. I'm hoping someone here is familiar with the area and may have a referral or two that I can pass along to this family. They actually live...Read More...
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Podcast Interview

Teri Wellbrock
Hi everyone! I host and produce The Healing Place Podcast (you can listen to past episodes directly from my website or on iTunes and Blubrry). I am looking for anyone interested in joining me on air to discuss motivational stories, inspirational tales, healing, hope, positive developments in the world of ACEs and trauma-informed care, therapy modalities, etc. I have done Skype interviews, phone interviews, and face-to-face. And I am totally flexible to times (day, evening, or weekend). If...Read More...
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Research on ACE Scores in Teachers?

Hello, I’m new to the Ace Connection. I’m excited to be a member. Question: I am pursuing a Master’s Degree in Education Administration. I would like to do my master’s thesis’s on teachers’ personal ACE score and their perception of discipline practices in schools. Does anyone know of research that addresses these issues (or something simliar)? Thanks in advance!Read More...
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