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Senate Report Slams Public Management of Private Foster Care Industry []

On Wednesday, Senators Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) and Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) issued a report scrutinizing the management of private foster care providers, and skewering one especially notorious foster care agency. Stirred by news stories chronicling dozens of child deaths because of management of foster care services by The MENTOR Network , a national for-profit provider, Hatch and Wyden directed the Senate Finance Committee to study the matter. The ensuing report , entitled “An Examination of Foster...

6 Signs Your Callout Isn’t Actually About Accountability []

This article was originally published by Everyday Feminism . It has been edited for YES! Magazine. No matter how long you’ve been politically conscious, you’ve probably figured out by now that activists are by no means perfect. Even while we’re trying to end oppression, we can sometimes make some harmful mistakes ourselves. So how do you address oppressive mistakes in your community? Say you’re at a social justice event that’s promising in some ways but problematic in others. What do you do?

In a Lonely City, Volunteer Listeners Are Here to Help []

On a recent morning in Atlanta, Georgia, Marian Davis and four volunteers set up folding chairs along a busy stretch of the Atlanta Beltline where people come to exercise, sightsee, and shop. Next to them, a sign advertised their services: “Free Listening.” Davis and her “listening team” are volunteers with a nonprofit called Sidewalk Talk , a community project that aims to dismantle loneliness, a growing public health crisis in American cities. By gathering on the street, they aim to use...

A Conversation About American Racism with Ibram X. Kendi []

The judges’ citation for the winner of the National Book Award for non-fiction, Ibram X. Kendi’s Stamped from the Beginning , is both unstinting in its praise and a challenge to readers: Stamped from the Beginning turns our ideas of the term ‘racism’ upside-down. Ibram X. Kendi writes as a thoughtful cultural historian, aware that he is challenging deeply held, often progressive assumptions. Using a masterful voyage through the history of US political rhetoric, beginning with Cotton Mather...

In the US, Debtors' Prisons Are Alive and Well []

This article was published by . Officially, the United States ended debtors' prisons in 1833. Unofficially, as we saw in the Justice Department's report on racially biased policing in Ferguson, there is a system of fines and fees for minor crimes that often result in jail time for the poor, mostly black citizens who cannot afford to pay them. To provide more context on the issue, I talked with Peter Edelman, Georgetown University law professor and former staffer for Robert F.

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ACEs Research?

Hello, I am wondering if anyone knows about or has any research to share regarding ACEs and that, yes, it is important to teach educators and students about them. I am looking for data that supports this. I know, of course, that it is important and I can find lots of articles that tell me so, but I'm not sure about data that says... yes, educators and students should be taught these things. This will help me in grant writing and program planning.Read More...
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Parenting with PTSD

Joyelle Brandt
Seeking organizations that work with parents with ACEs. We just released the anthology Parenting with PTSD and I have 10 copies to give away to organizations who could use this resource. If you have an org that works with parents with ACEs, please send an email to with your mailing address. The first 10 to respond will be sent a free copy of our book. www.parentingwithptsd.comRead More...

Anyone know whether/where CBP is available?

I read this very interesting paper online about a new approach to treating trauma victims, and it's called component-based psychotherapy (CBP). I'm a retired male who is having problems with many therapy forms not being effective for me, for example I have some degree of physical dissociation so I can't use EMDR, and conventional CBT doesn't seem to work either, and I have a fair variety of symptoms so I'm actively seeking new approaches (I am in an infra-low neurofeedback program however...Read More...
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Human Resources Contact

Hi, I am working on a training for HR professionals about trauma exposed workplaces and looking for a few HR professionals to get feedback on it (no need to be experts in trauma, but should work in a place that has trauma exposure - police dept, hospital, community mental health clinic, child welfare system etc.). If you know someone who would be willing to chat with me for a few minutes I would greatly appreciate it! CambriaRead More...
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