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Left to right, around the room, California's Maternal Child Adolescent Health Directors ended their three-day meeting in Sacramento, CA, yesterday by listening to me tell them about how schools, pediatric clinics, public health clinics, police departments, cities, counties and states are integrating practices based on ACEs research.


The morning speaker for the directors' education day was Dr. Vincent Felitti, who gave a thorough overview of the CDC-Kaiser Adverse Childhood Experiences Study. (One of the attendees mentioned two things he said that really stuck with her: One, that the domestic violence that these directors see in their clinic may be symptoms, and not the problem. And, two, that resilience might not be the only answer.)


The early afternoon speaker was Dr. Matt Pantell. (You can see him -- he's the guy wearing the dark suit in the first and second photo.) I was the clean-up speaker. (Go Giants.)


ACEsConnection members Anna Sutton (Yolo County ACEs Connection) and Karen Clemmer (Sonoma County ACEs Connection) also spoke about their involvement in setting up ACEs initiatives and groups on ACEs Connection (they're in the top photo, furthest left table, Karen's hand is the highest, and Anna is to her left.)


I met many wonderful people here who are thinking about starting -- or joining -- initiatives in their own communities. 


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Right now, all over rural India, this is happening: Two local volunteers with a few days’ training come into the village. They knock on randomly selected doors, asking to see all children ages 6 to 16 who live there. In the front yard of the house, they test the children one by one in reading and math. A crowd gathers: parents, neighbors, sometimes the whole village. Children jump up and down, shouting, “Test me! Test me!”

Each test is a single sheet of paper. The reading sheet — here’s an example in Hindi and here’s one in English (PDF), and there are 15 other languages as well — has four sections. The volunteers ask children to read letters, words, a short paragraph and a longer story. The math sheet has single-digit and double-digit number recognition, two-digit subtraction with borrowing, and division on the level of, for example, 673 divided by eight.

The volunteers record the highest level in reading and math the child can manage comfortably. Then they to go another house: 20 chosen at random from various parts of the village.


[For more of this story, written by Tina Rosenberg, go to http://opinionator.blogs.nytim..._type=blogs&_r=0]

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Kevin Dooley


When hundreds of unaccompanied children — part of a recent surge of thousands of migrants stopped at the Southern border after fleeing violence and poverty in Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador — were sent by federal officials to stay with relatives or other sponsors on Long Island, many found themselves blocked at the schoolhouse door.

The law requires public schools to enroll all children regardless of their immigration status. Yet guardians in Westbury, in Nassau County, told of an impossible scramble to meet demands for documents proving residency. Teenagers in Hempstead who showed up for class were sent home and told there was no room for them.


[For more of this story go to]

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Gov. Jay Nixon said Tuesday that he would name a commission next month to study socioeconomic problems in the St. Louis area that have been highlighted during protests after the police shooting of an unarmed black teenager. The Ferguson Commission, named after the city where Michael Brown, 18, was fatally shot by a police officer in August, will examine the area’s poverty, the public’s relationship with law enforcement, education, housing and other issues. Governor Nixon said it was a “defining moment” for the St. Louis region that will determine whether Ferguson will be synonymous with “racial unrest, or a region that will above and heal.” A St. Louis County grand jury and the Justice Department are investigating the shooting.


[For the original post, written by Timothy Williams, go to]




In the weeks after 18-year-old Michael Brown was shot by a white police officer in Ferguson, Mo., protesters gathered daily at the site of a burned-out convenience store.

About a block away, the empty lot of a boarded-up restaurant became the campsite for a group of young activists called the Lost Voices. During the protests, the group "invited all the people who can't come out every day and wanted to share the experience with us," says Lenard Smith.

One night, the Lost Voices was holding a "shut-it-down sleepover" when police raided the site, says Smith, who goes by the name Bud Cuzz. The police confiscated tents and everything else during the roust and even locked up a few people.

Now they gather in an office space across the street. A photo of Michael Brown, with the date of his death, is taped to the wall. There are other photos too, of unarmed people — all of color — who died during interactions with police.


[For more of this story, written by Cheryl Corley, go to]

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