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James Baldwin’s Lesson for Teachers in a Time of Turmoil []

“Let’s begin by saying that we are living through a very dangerous time.” So opens “A Talk to Teachers,” which James Baldwin delivered to a group of educators in October, 1963. (He published it in the Saturday Review the following December.) That year, Medgar Evers, a leading civil-rights figure and N.A.A.C.P. state field director, was murdered in his driveway by a white supremacist in Jackson, Mississippi. That year, four young girls—Addie Mae Collins, Denise McNair, Carole Robertson, and...

In Connecticut, Saving Lives Comes with an Unexpected Perk: Saving Money []

Across much of the U.S., a person who’s poor, overweight and a candidate for obesity-related diseases might not visit a doctor until they’ve already contracted diabetes — that is, if they can even find a physician who will accept Medicaid, the federal health insurance program aimed at the neediest Americans. But in Connecticut, they’re doing things differently. There, state employees actually reach out to those at the greatest risk before they’ve exhibited any noticeable symptoms, then work...

‘Ganawenjiige Onigam’: A New Symbol of Resilience in Duluth, Minnesota []

A colorful new mural in downtown Duluth, Minnesota, is a potent declaration of the issues facing Native American women such as violence, sex trafficking, and environmental racism. Primarily, however, the enormous portrait of an Ojibwe woman is a symbol of resilience, according to supporters. Painted on an exterior wall of the American Indian Community Housing Organization (AICHO), and completed in August, the mural depicts an Ojibwe woman dressed in a red jingle dress and wearing a red...

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Consultants based in Texas or Louisiana?

Leora Wolf-Prusan
Hi colleagues, I'm writing in my role as field director for Project ReCAST (A SAMHSA grant: Resilience in Communities After Stress & Trauma). We are looking for folks based in Louisiana or Texas (or close by) for a year / two year contract who has: 1) Availability for about 15 days/month (or less, negotiable) 2) Interest, knowledge and experience working with communities who have experienced stress /trauma / resilience 3) Who are AMAZING facilitators, trainers, coaches, and people humans...Read More...

ACEs // Threshold-Response or Dose-Response Relationships -- The Research???

Folks here will be well acquainted with the presentation of outcomes of ACEs often being displayed in terms of outcomes from 1-4, then 4+ but is anyone familiar with the research pertaining to this question -- again very hard to determine, depending on differences between genders, types of resilience, age of occurrence of particular forms of adversity etc etc -- is a score of 4 meant to represent some sort of threshold -- response relationship between adversity and problematic outcomes --...Read More...
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Book for survivor of ACEs -- parenting, when having had abandonment

Hi," Could anyone help me find the "right" book -- trying to help support/guide young adult male, married, but with anxieties arising from having had his mother bale on his father, brother and himself when he was quite young. He thinks / hopes he's found a partner he can trust to not do the same but anxieties remain, naturally -- he's aware he himself has "issues" arising from his childhood experiences. This guy is not a "client" just someone I'm hoping to support / guide, in as less...Read More...
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