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Arts-Based Activities Boost Emotion Regulation, Study Finds (

Here's an excerpt from an article by Christopher Bergland. Genevieve Dingle of the University of Queensland School of Psychiatry , who is the lead author of this study, described the findings in a statement: "People with chronic mental health conditions tend to experience difficulties with emotion perception and regulation, which can have a big impact on their social relationships. These symptoms are not well treated with medication or psychotherapy . The findings of this study are exciting...

National ACEs Program...Educate, Inspire & Change!

What a great thread of responses I received from around the country about a National Mandate for ACE Testing parents who show up for pre and post natal appointments. Yet, somehow we need to take this subject to another level eh? For all of us who understand the significance of ACEs...most of us are ready to climb to the highest point and start SCREAMING about the subject. It clearly affects how you look at the world differently. ACEs impact schools, churches, corporations, associations,...

Rise in children seeking mental health support after terror attacks []

The number of children and young people seeking help from mental health services has spiked in the wake of recent terrorist attacks in England, according to the Royal College of Psychiatrists (RCP). Hospitals across the Manchester region have seen an estimated 10% increase in children seeking help since a bomb ripped through the Manchester Arena on 22 May , killing 22 people, according to the RCP. Mental health experts in Greater Manchester hospitals received hundreds more patients from June...

Case Management Instead of Jailing Asylum-Seeking Mothers, Children for Profit []

If there is anything to be learned from recent political events, it is that the public does not want to see corporations grow rich off of the suffering of families. Yet, it’s something we see daily in Texas. It is time to end the imprisonment of mothers and children who seek asylum protection in the U.S. after fleeing violence in Central America and other troubled countries. Family detention allows for-profit prison corporations to treat children as commodities whose imprisonment provides a...

Take the Golden Rule to School Rap

Take the Golden Rule to School Rap You don’t have to be like me to be OK, I don’t have to be like you for us to play. Respect my person, I’ll respect yours. If we can appreciate our differences, we may learn something new. Treat me like you want to be treated, Ill do the same for you. (Ramblings in Rhyme by Dr. Ivy)

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Research on impacts of intervention on ACES?

Hi, I was wondering if anyone is familiar with research that shows that a child receiving trauma treatment or other interventions to address ACE(s) can have an impact on the long term effects of ACE(s). So for instance in the original ACE study, if they had been in therapy or had another intervention as a child to address their ACE(s) would that have an impact on their health and risk factors as an adult? Thanks!Read More...


Colette Ryan
Hi All, I have been approached by an organisation within New Zealand asking me for the following - "We are looking for resources for the workforce working in a TI approach, resources for organisations and systems to work in a TIC way, resources for people and family with trauma issues, and resources around workforce secondary trauma". Whilst I regularly access resources from various areas (there is so much - thank-you), I wondered if there were any specific (best practice) resources that...Read More...
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Greetings from Nashville! For those who have taken a systems change approach (infusing the ACEs and trauma research into institutional policies & practices), what tools have you used? I'm specifically looking for resources that would help those who work in juvenile justice and correctional systems. I'm familiar with the myriad organizational assessments. I'm on the hunt for specific program or curriculum model(s) that help staff at all levels incorporate the ACEs/trauma/brain science...Read More...
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State of ACEs work & education/career paths

Hi All, I’ve recently learned about ACEs, and I’m so blown away by the power of this research that I’m considering a major career change to dedicate myself to this work. I have lived experience (score of 8) and have been quite fortunate to also be fairly resilient. I have two questions for the community: Being new to this research and resulting work, I'm interested in getting up to speed on the status of ACEs work/Trauma informed practices with a high level overview of what's currently...Read More...
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