Are We Ready for Truth and Reconciliation Around Sexual Violence? #MeToo (

A teenage Icelandic woman is raped by her Australian boyfriend after she’s had too much to drink. In his own immature, conditioned teenage mind, he doesn’t call it rape. Because the media and pornography and the way fathers raise sons and bro’s egg on bro’s, he convinces himself that he was justified in taking what was rightfully his — her body, her vulnerability, her sexuality, maybe even her physical and mental health. She is traumatized by the experience, and in his own way, he is too.

Time limits for Reporting Sexual Assaults?

It seems each day’s headlines highlight another high profile politician, entertainer or business executive being accused of sexual misconduct. The activities themselves vary widely, including sexual harassment that may consist of verbal taunting, sexual innuendos, threats of career derailment and physical violence, inappropriate and unwanted physical and sexual contact and rape. Many of us feel betrayed each day by these famous men we have never even met in person. The topic is ubiquitous...

Wish Book: A haven to overcome addiction, homelessness trauma []

SAN JOSE — After a childhood growing up a victim of human trafficking on the streets of San Jose, Diana Carreras was held prisoner by the grip of post-traumatic stress and depression. It was sheer luck that she found Recovery Café San Jose ; a friend asked for a ride to the downtown healing community and training center, a place Carreras hadn’t heard about. But once there, the 59-year-old found the support that helped her overcome the emotional trauma that had consumed her for so long. “When...

Threading a City With Gunfire Sensors Might Not Make It Any Safer []

In late November, the city of Chicago surpassed 600 homicides —the overwhelming majority from handguns—for the second year in a row, and for only the third time since 2003, according to data reported by the Chicago Tribune. That brings the total to more than 3,400 shootings across the city so far this year. Sadly, in their efforts to address this seemingly intractable epidemic of gun violence , police officials seem to be placing unfounded faith in technology to solve the problem. The...

Heading North: American Doctors Report Back From Canada []

For Peter Cram, an American internist who spent most of his career practicing in Iowa City, Iowa, moving to Toronto in 2014 was an easy decision. He says he is among a handful of American doctors who went north to practice in Canada's single-payer system. Now he doesn't worry about whether his patients can afford treatment. "Everyone gets a basic level of care," he says, which lets him focus on their medical needs instead of their finances. Cram treats his move as a sort of life-size...