The Roadmap to Resilience Toolkit, v. 1.0, is here!!

Roadmap to ReslienceThe long-awaited, much-requested Roadmap to Resilience Toolkit, version 1.0, is here!


Included in the toolkit are slogans, mission statements, an assets map to help identify the sectors in your community and at what level each organization is in becoming trauma-informed, a draft agenda for the steering committee, links to stories of what other communities have done, to state and city ACE surveys, information about how to start a group on ACEsConnection, and how to grow it.


If you've recently started the journey toward implementing ACEs, trauma-informed and resilience building policies and practices in your town, city, county, state, or nation....or even if you're well underway...or, especially if you're stuck...this toolkit provides some handy guidance.    


And, with all communities continuing to contribute and share their experiences, we can improve RtoR Toolkit 1.0, to generate 2.0 and 3.0, etc., so that we'll make that journey easier for those communities coming behind us, or for those who have hit a roadblock that some other community has conquered.


The road to the roadmap toolkit began after the first (and only, so far) National ACEs Summit in Philadelphia in 2013, when about 30 of the 250 attendees met in December 2013 to establish the National Collaborative on Adversity and Resilience (NCAR). Out of that meeting came the NCAR Proceedings  and the Community Resilience Cookbook, with case studies of nine cities and states that were well on the way to becoming trauma-informed. (btw, those case studies are being updated.)


As part of those case studies, we developed the Roadmap to Resilience infographic and a basic guide. But that guide just wasn't enough. The communities we've been working with said they wanted a toolkit to help them speed along (and not get bogged down by re-inventing a wheel or two), as well as to become more comfortable with a journey that can often seem confusing. 


Thank you to all the communities that have been -- and continue to be -- so willing to share their materials and wisdom. This movement is all about sharing, and not about owning. Things just move faster that way, and it's very clear that time's awastin'. 


We'll be adding links as we motor along. In other words, like any journey, it's always a work in progress. If you want to add anything or have an idea, just leave a comment to the Roadmap Toolkit. We welcome all input. 


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