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Helping Teachers Thrive (

Here's the most important question for a school leader to ask as a new year starts: "How can I cultivate emotional resilience in teachers?" Focusing on resilience as a goal also offers an opportunity to go beyond simply preventing burnout. Resilience is about not just surviving but thriving in life. And school leaders should be committed to creating the conditions in which educators can thrive. This might help retain teachers, and it may mean they'll continue to be dedicated to growing...

How Social-Emotional Skills Can Fit into School Curricula []

“No time.” Again and again, teachers tell me this is why they can’t teach social-emotional skills to their students—and it’s no wonder given the demands placed upon them. But while a 30-minute social-emotional learning (SEL) lesson might be impossible to fit into a week, slipping a social-emotional concept into already-existing curriculum content may not be. In one study , student teachers were paired with novice school psychologists to create language arts lessons with an SEL focus. The...

The Repercussions of the Black Teacher Shortage []

Ashley McCall was teaching her third grade students about American voting rights last year when one of them asked a question she couldn’t answer: How do older people of color process the evolution of the right to vote? McCall, a black teacher whose student body is mostly of color, asked her own grandparents to do a video conference with the class. They fielded students’ vibrant inquiries about having lived in the south during the civil rights era. “It was awesome,” says McCall. McCall says...

‘The first-graders will cry.’ Schools rethink policies that shame kids at lunch. []

There won’t be any more cheese sandwiches served at Elk Grove Unified schools. The region’s largest school district will no longer give students a bland, alternative lunch when they run out of meal funds or forget their lunch money. Elk Grove Unified is joining districts across the region and nation that are changing rules so that children who come up short for lunch money aren’t embarrassed with a different meal than what their peers receive – or not fed at all, as has been the case...

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ACE Scores of Educators

Ellen Smith
Has anyone researched or seen research on the ACE scores of educators (or doctors for that matter). We are doing to do a sampling but will be unable to release the data due to confidentiality issues, but would like to have some similar information to share on an HHS collaborative regarding ACEs and the opioid and obesity epidemics, poverty and the like. Thanks in advance for trying. Cheers, EllenRead More...
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PPT for High School Students explaining ACEs

Barbie Nall
I teach at a 90-day residential drug and alcohol treatment facility for ages 13-18 in Pensacola, Florida. I wish to teach my students about ACEs (possibly conduct the survey) and was wondering if anyone has a PowerPoint presentation already made and would like to share. I'm looking for an overview of the evidence and the MRI scans of the brains (shown in Paper Tigers) if available. I recall that part of the movie was VERY eye-opening so I want to share it. Thanks in advance and my personal...Read More...
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Consulting in Trauma-Sensitive Schools

Susan E. Craig
Looking for members living near Richmond, VA who provide consulting services to schools implementing a trauma-sensitive approach. Must have teaching experience. Please contact me at Thank you. SusanRead More...
Please share if your school or district has TI-RB services you've developed in support of our refugee populations and how you've infused into your school climate with your staff, students and families. My understanding is we have roughly 100,000 Syrian refugees already in processing and roughly 75,000 of them will be relocating to California. On a conference call with a Superintendent, he inquired what existing practices are in place in preparation for their arrival with other schools and...Read More...
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