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At Ron Brown College Preparatory High School, Students Are Kings, Not Kids (

We have the story now of a radical new school in Washington, D.C., Ron Brown College Preparatory High School. It's an all-boys public school designed for young men of color with a staff of mostly black men. And that staff is passionately opposed to suspending students. In the early days at Ron Brown, Dawaine Cosey spends a lot of time just trying to get students to follow the dress code. COSEY: I tell the guys here all the time, like, you're going to get love, and there's really nothing you...

Educators Employ Strategies To Help Kids With Anxiety Return To School []

Your child doesn't want to go to school. It's a daily struggle that many parents are familiar with. But what if your child refuses to go to school? Mental health professionals and educators say what used to be considered run-of-the-mill truancy could actually be something else. Some cases of chronic absenteeism are now being called "school refusal," which is triggered by anxiety, depression, family crises and other traumatic events. It can lead to weeks or even months of missed school days.

The Schoolbox Project Brings Mobile, Trauma Informed Education, Art and Play to Children Displaced by Crisis in Sonoma County

Live Oak Charter School in Petaluma hosted the Schoolbox Project to help train and support parents and educators in responding to the crisis in our community. Key messages include: Our local wildfires happened in the context of many other recent world events that were already troubling our residents. Our disaster was not just a short event that ended after a few hours or a day, this is a longer term crisis that is taking a toll on our ability to cope. Our recovery is likely to take weeks,...

Texas Creates Task Force To Address Students’ Post-Harvey Trauma []

When the clouds darken and rain starts pouring down, many Houston-area elementary school students get nervous and start to sob — a sign of the long-lasting effects of watching the water levels rise during and after Hurricane Harvey. For Donna Wotkyns, a licensed social worker in Houston, that reaction shows exactly why ramping up resources for long-term mental health services for Texas students is necessary. “I’m a big believer in … support groups, getting together multiple children or youth...

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Guest speaker for professional development?

Amber Sams
Hello! Does anyone know of someone my district could bring in for a professional development session on ACES in education? We are located near Allentown, PA. We are interested in someone who could speak to all levels, k-12, but it wouldn't have to be all at once, and we have funding available from a grant. Thank you!Read More...

Research on emotional impact of assessment in schools

Maureen Hinman
Hi all, In Oregon we are looking at the the emotional impact of assessments (defined broadly, including formative and summative assessments) in schools. We are working on figuring out how to use quality assessment practices in school to impact the emotional affect of educators, students, and families, and trying to use it to support trauma informed practices. One example could include using more informal formative assessments to influence and adjust teaching and student support so that...Read More...

Partners in Georgia and States Near Georgia

Robbyn Peters Bennett
I am looking to partner with folks in Georgia who are working to address ACEs. Does anyone have information on ACEs particularly in Georgia schools? My hope is to help end the practice of paddling children in public schools. To that end, I'm co-sponsoring a conference for teachers. Here's a brief description. I should have a brochure and landing page ready in about two weeks. The conference is February 8-9th at the Loudermilk Conference Center in Atlanta, Georgia called, DISCIPLINE THAT...Read More...
I am a volunteer in my community who are in the early stages of learning about trauma informed care. There are some teenagers in our community who have been impacted by ACEs and succumbed to using opioids. A few of them who could afford the expense have enrolled in out of state (expensive) residential treatment centers (RTC). I am not sure if some of these RTCs explicitly use trauma informed care. At the RTC they are not allowed to use a cell phone and are taught how to stay "clean". I am...Read More...
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