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Pediatricians share resources and best practices to address ACEs in children and their parents or caregivers. 

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AAP: Trauma-informed pediatric provider course set for April

The American Academy of Pediatrics just released the agenda for its 2018 trauma-informed pediatric course, which will be held in Houston from April 5-8. Among the participants are Boston-based pediatrician, social epidemiologist. community advocate and founding director of Vital Village , Renee Boynton Jarrett . She will convene a breakout session on early life trauma. RJ Gillespie , a pediatrician who has surveyed parents and children for ACEs and analyzed the data at the Portland,...

Book review: "Once I was very, very scared," a book on childhood trauma

The past few years have brought a wealth of evidence for the impact of childhood trauma on lifelong health. The AAP has recognized the importance of childhood trauma with conferences (2015 Violence, Abuse and Toxic Stress: An Update on Trauma-informed Care in Children and Youth) and resources ( AAP Trauma Toolbox for Primary Care .) Like many pediatricians, I have been grateful for the attention to and evidence base for an area of pediatrics I see on a daily basis but for which I have felt...

Calling all People Interested in ACEs in Pediatrics

Image: courtesy of wikimedia Dear Aces in Pediatrics members: I want to let you all know that I have the honor of managing the ACEs in Pediatrics site. I began working with ACEs Connection in October. I came here with more than 25 years of experience as a health journalist, and a commitment to reporting on the remarkable shifts occurring in medicine and other sectors to promote trauma-informed and resiliency-building practices based on ACEs science . ACEs in Pediatrics is a forum for...

Montefiore Medical in Bronx screens 12,000+ kids for ACEs

Creative Commons/Flickr/Family drawing by Meggy ____________________________________ Since 2016, more than 12,000 children beginning at the age of 1-years-old have been screened for adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) at Montefiore Medical Center in Bronx, New York, according to Miguelina German, the director of Quality & Research in the Pediatric Behavioral Health Integration Program and project director of Trauma Informed Care at the center. Parents of infants are asked to fill out...

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Neuropsych evaluations

Carrie McQueen
Hi, I have children with very high ACE scores. We've been parenting 4 of them part-time for 2 years, and now permanently and full-time for just over a year. I'd like recommendations to pediatric neuropsych evaluators. We have Kaiser, but haven't made any progress with them. We'd certainly consider doing it independently if necessary. Our kids are 7 - 17, would love to find a "package deal for 6 kids!" :-) Also eager to hear any experiences of helpfulness/insight/success through this process.Read More...
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Seeking trauma-informed medical care

On the chance that someone here can offer a referral or advice, I'm looking for a trauma-informed medical doctor who can be my wife's Primary Care Physician. She is 39 years old and has gone without medical care for over 27 years as a result of her childhood trauma which involved severe neglect and long-term social isolation. I need to find a physician who is willing to communicate with me before her first appointment so I can fully explain her condition and what kind of approach will best...Read More...
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