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"Be Child Wise" Conference in Bozeman, MT (May 2018)

Raising a child to be loving, resilient and respectful is a tough endeavor in the best of circumstances. But what if the child is emotionally scarred from early experiences of loss, betrayal or harm? This workshop will introduce the audience to the principals of successfully connecting with and raising a child who is emotionally distressed. It provides real-life examples and exercises in the 3 principles of the handbook Be Child Wise, namely, know yourself; know your child; and always work...

A Healthier Bottom Line: Panelists Assert ACEs Science Is Good for Business

Somer Gauthier knew the ACE training had worked when one of her general managers told her about an irate customer. Gauthier, owner of two McDonald’s franchises in Helena, Montana , experienced her own “aha” moment during a community meeting hosted by Elevate Montana. “I had never heard of ACEs,” she told attendees at the 2017 Mobilizing Action for Resilient Communities (MARC) National Summit. “All I could think about was: My employees need this information.” Gauthier connected with Tina...

Sharing the Word: ACE Knowledge is “Secular Gospel” for Montana Pastor

When Reverend Tyler Amundson first read the 1998 ACE study, he realized that this landmark science could become a common language: a way to talk about adversity and healing with clinicians and government officials, devout churchgoers and people who would never step inside a place of worship. “I call this the secular gospel,” he says. “It was easy to describe the ACE study to people. It opened a door for us to name how people face trauma and adversity and how positive relationships can help...

What is your ACE score? Countywide school board meeting teaches how adverse childhood experience play into overall health []

SHERIDAN – Sheridan School was this year’s host for the countywide school board meeting on Jan. 24. Trustees and administrators from all four Madison County Schools were present, as well as Madison County Superintendent of Schools Pam Birkeland, Madison County commissioners Ron Nye and Dan Allhands, Sen. Jeff Welborn (R-Dillon), and Rep. Ray Shaw (R-Sheridan). Attendees were treated to a sit-down dinner prepared by the Sheridan life skills class and received tip-top service from Sheridan’s...

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