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Opioid-related ER visits more than double over past decade in Orange County (

Emergency room visits resulting from opioid use have increased 141 percent over 10 years in Orange County, according to a report released Tuesday, Aug. 15, by the Health Care Agency. Between 2005 and 2015, 7,457 residents went to hospital ERs for reasons such as opioid addiction or heroin poisoning. The report is a follow-up to an April publication on drug and alcohol deaths, which have risen 82 percent since 2000. The new report makes note of a number of local trends: the most commonly...

This teen inspired a major Anaheim hotel to make stays a little easier for those with autism (

"It's so rare to receive a personalized letter, something that you can hold, as opposed to something you just read on a screen," said Ian Gee, general manager of the Sheraton Park Hotel. "There was a lot of detail and passion in the letter. He presented his family and the challenges his family faces and how they overcame them. But what I liked about it was it wasn't a complaint; he offered suggestions." A behavioral therapist was brought in to train the staff. The hotel's restaurant menu...

ITRC 2018 California Conference: Preparing People for Climate Change in California

To See the Conference Agenda, List of All-Star Speakers, and To Register Click Here Why Should Californians Attend This Unique Conference ? From high levels of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), to job and financial struggles, racism and other forms of inequity and injustice, traumatic stress is epidemic today. Climate change will aggravate all of these existing adversities, and add many new ones as well. Yet, California is leading the U.S. in finding innovative new ways to address...

Veterinarians treat homeless pets at Santa Ana River Trail for free (

The services were offered by two groups, the Healthcare Emergency Animal Rescue Team out of Yorba Linda run by veterinarians Debra and Dr. Todd Kopit, and Dr. Mark Malo, vice president of the Animal Health Foundation, a nonprofit that is a charitable wing of the Southern California Veterinary Medical Association. The veterinarians did wellness checks, vaccinations, de-worming and parasite treatment. “We launched this program because we know there are many services for homeless people but not...


Seeking trauma-informed medical care

On the chance that someone here can offer a referral or advice, I'm looking for a trauma-informed medical doctor who can be my wife's Primary Care Physician. She is 39 years old and has gone without medical care for over 27 years as a result of her childhood trauma which involved severe neglect and long-term social isolation. I need to find a physician who is willing to communicate with me before her first appointment so I can fully explain her condition and what kind of approach will best...Read More...
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Trauma Informed Training

Marlene Sanders
Hello Community, My name is Marlene and I am the Community Manager for Orange County ACEs Connection. I'm reaching out to all of you, in efforts to gain knowledge for Trauma Informed training in the field of Dentistry. If anyone has any Trauma Informed training materials in the sector of Dentistry, would you be willing to share it with me? Also, I would appreciate any perspective on the experience and/or insight to the following question: What are some situations in Dentistry, that can...Read More...