Resources for providers working with children victims of sexual abuse

Donna Riemer posted:

Question, there are many resources addressing prevention. Having a challenge finding resources that will help the provider partner with the child who is working through sexual abuse issues. Does anyone know of a good resource?

Thank you for your efforts.

Donna Riemer



Darkness to Light child sex abuse prevention training is excellent.  There are facilitators in every state, who can also provide good treatment resources.  

I work with adults to release the reactions caused by childhood trauma. Using energy based Medical Qigong, intuitive, empathic, and Vibranetics™ methods I can work with children if there is a need. 

My work erases the charge  that drives the reaction pattern and guides my clients reclaim their life.  It is not talk therapy although we do talk.

I use talk to help them see in their body how they are reacting to triggers on a bigger scale so they can learn to notice inner signs as a bellwether for other reaction issues which might be triggering them.

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