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Inflammation and the Brain Changes Observed in Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Formerly I stated this series would be split into two parts. However, due to the enormous amount of information available, I have decided to offer four articles instead. In our previous article, we examined how neuroimaging is giving new insights into changes in the brain caused by trauma. Yes, trauma harms the human brain but how does that work? What could our bodies be doing that causes the types of damage outlined in this article?

NEW! One-on-One Guidance now available for Mind Matters

Mind Matters: Overcoming Adversity and Building Resilience , a curriculum used by youth- and adult-serving programs, provides powerful tools to help people move past the effects of trauma and adverse experiences. Organizations currently using Mind Matters in groups have seen great outcomes. And, they let us know that they also wanted to use the materials in one-on-one settings. We listened! Mind Matters author Carolyn Curtis adapted the 12 lessons of Mind Matters into 21 (15- 20 minute)...

Children with special health care needs are more likely to have adverse childhood experiences []

Authors: Deborah Seok, David Murphey, Fadumo M. Abdi Publication Date: December 10, 2019 The prevalence of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) is higher among children and youth with special health care needs than among their peers without special health care needs, according to Child Trends’ analysis of data from the 2016-17 National Survey of Children’s Health (NSCH). The survey asks parents or guardians to report whether their child has experienced any of nine ACEs. The percentage of...

Local Survivor is Teaching Others How to Survive Trauma []

By Aaron Paden, The Daily Leader, December 10, 2019 Three years after a gruesome dog attack, Tommy Alderman is still telling his story — still using it as an opportunity to teach. “It’s in my DNA,” Alderman said. “I’m a trainer at heart. I knew immediately after reviewing everything that happened and the reasons why that I had made mistakes and I wanted people to know what those mistakes were so they could avoid them.” It’s a harrowing tale. Alderman works as project manager for Application...

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Book Idea

Hello. Having only this year read about the ACEs Study, I am new to this website. Originally, I came here to find personal stories, similar to mine, to see how others have fared in life with seven ACEs. Not having found that right away and dismayed that so few people, including medical professionals, have not heard of ACEs, I am considering writing a book. It would include a primer on the ACEs Study and subsequent movement, a brief autobiographical section, and a discussion of how the two...Read More...
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Integrating ACE Screening and Intervention into Primary Care

Can anyone point me to an existing model for integrating ACE into a primary care setting? From screening to intervention what examples are there of either small clinics or large healthcare organizations integrating ACE into their primary care systems and services? What screening tools are used and if applicable how do they intervene (internally and/or via external partners)?Read More...
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ACEs and Psychiatric Diagnosis

‪A paradigm shift in psychiatric diagnosis in relation to ACES important for all those who care or suffer:‬ More publications:‬Read More...

Understanding Childhood Trauma pamphlet for Parents/Caregivers

Please help us distribute the attached pamphlet written for parents and caregivers with the assistance of the Boston University School of Public Health, the Boston University School of Social Work, the Child Trauma Training Center at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, the Parent/Professional Advocacy League and two parent focus groups. The parents told us the information could be "life changing." I am currently working on simplifying the language of a Spanish version. If you...Read More...
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Dissociative Identity Disorder in the Courtroom

I had a hearing yesterday, it didn't go well at all. How is someone who is mentally impaired able to correctly represent themselves in a court of law, especially one who has two severe anxiety disorders? I wasn't allowed to bring in my boyfriend to help me feel safe. I had a teddy bear. How is one with a memory issue and one who is unable to control her own emotions due to the brain not working when under stress from severe childhood abuses and neglect for at least 9 years, supposed to have...Read More...
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