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Substance Use Disorder and Brain Development

The inputs a brain experiences during its developmental stages have a profound impact on whether that person will develop a substance use disorder (if they choose to drink or use other drugs). In turn, developing a substance use disorder (SUD) as a tween, teen, or young adult dramatically influences that person's brain development. And why is understanding this causality important? The risk factors for developing a substance use disorder are the result of inputs the brain experiences (or...

ACES blog Post Kevin Johnson, Student @ Adler Graduate School

Kevin A. Johnson Adler Graduate School Minnetonka, MN I was first introduced to ACE study while I was working on my undergraduate degree in psychology. I was working as an intern at an outpatient, gender-responsive, trauma-informed MICD facility. It was a wonderful opportunity to learn the nuances of providing a special level of care to a very resilient population. The curriculum that was being used was written by Dr. Stephanie Covington and Richard Dauer. During my time at this site, I had...

The Power of Hope to Mitigate Vicarious Trauma and Burnout

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has identified child maltreatment as a major public health concern, and adult survivors of child maltreatment are at significant risk of chronic disease and premature mortality. This constant exposure to child maltreatment makes these health care practitioners uniquely vulnerable to stressors associated with burnout.

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Survivor Group

Hello.. About 2011 I wrote an article for Chattanooga Times Free Press sharing my personal story of abuse . I was my mother's surrogate. The response came in numbers that at first alarmed but encouraged .. I wasn't alone.. The group of about 8-10 victims of horror stories far worse then mine came to my home at first. As numbers increased the need for a place more central was found and weekly we met sharing but more importantly, supporting victims of sexual abuse. To a person all said they...Read More...
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Prison ACE's educational module

Brian Ward
Hi Folks, I work as a CBT based therapist in a high security prison in England. I've just joined the ACE's network but have long promoted the ethos and science behind ACE's in treating mental distress and illness. I'm currently preparing a 6 week ACE's educational module to be delivered to prisoners, and it occurs to me that other members may have some best practice or existing materials which could help me in this work? I find that forensic populations particularly have a critical need for...Read More...
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Speaker on Intergenerational Trauma and Resiliency

As the author of a highly regarded book on Intergenerational Trauma and Resiliency, I would welcome any inquiries for speaking engagements, including keynote lectures for relevant conferences. My most recent book, SURVIVOR CAFE: The Legacy of Trauma and the Labyrinth of Memory, is ideal for general adult audiences and has also been used in numerous academic settings. Interviews with me have been featured on NPR's "All Things Considered" and in The New York Times ; you can find out much more...Read More...
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Medical learner assessment of attitudes re: trauma-informed care

Hi ACEs Connection community, I am working on developing a project proposal at my local institution related to a trauma-informed primary care educational curriculum. One assessment approach I want to take is to measure attitudes related to trauma-informed care. I came across the ARTIC measure, which has some empirical validation support and was developed with a sample that included health services professionals. Have others used this measure and could point me in the direction of published...Read More...
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Relationships Damaged by ACEs

Natalie Kirk
Hi all. I'm looking for resources to provide support to a friend of mine. Two of her siblings have terrible conflict between them, and my friend believes it is because of shared ACEs that haven't been dealt with. Everything I have for ACEs self-help is pretty focused on the individual. I was wondering if anyone was aware of books/websites/articles that focus on relationships (especially sibling relationships) that have been damaged by ACEs and how to repair them. Thanks and have a happy Friday!Read More...
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