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Journal Article -- Resilience as Process

. Does anyone have a link to the full article or a PDF of "Resilience as Process" ? I have been searching high and low to be able to find a link, or to at least read a copy of this oldie, online: Egeland, B., Carlson, E., & Sroufe, L. A. (1993). Resilience as process. Development and psychopathology , 5 (4), 517-528. DOI: 10.1017/S0954579400006131 I can not find the complete article anywhere. Daun

The East Tennessee ACEs Knowledge Mobilization Team Holds First Meeting

The East Tennessee ACEs Mobilization Team conducted their first meeting on June 1 st , 2018 at the Family Justice Center in Knoxville, TN. Knowledge Mobilization efforts support the culture change related to philosophy, policy, program and practice that ultimately foster healthy child development and meet the Building Strong Brains Training goals. The Tennessee Building Strong Brains Goals are to: Increase the potential that every child born in Tennessee has the opportunity to lead a...

3D Teaching Example to calm pre-K and K kids

Janai Mestrovich, Ashland, OR, (BS/MS, Family & Child Development) has been teaching Early Childhood Education and Social/Emotional Learning for 42 years. She specializes in '3D' experiences that help her students visualize and feel the lesson as part of the SuperKid Power curriculum. The 'breathing sphere' opens and closes to show kids how the body/lungs/diaphragm work inside them and Janai opens and closes it as she counts out numbers for inhale, hold and exhale. In the 'staying calm...

APSAC 2019 Colloquium- Call for Abstracts Now Open!

The American professional Society on the Abuse of Children (APSAC) is excited to announce the call for abstracts for our 26th Colloquium. Held in Salt Lake City, Utah in 2019, APSAC's 26th Colloquium will bring high-quality learning opportunities to child maltreatment researchers and practitioners across experience levels and professions. Sessions should be designated as beginning, intermediate, or advanced level content. Priority will be given to presentations which include an emphasis on...

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Valid ACE screener and research on appropriate age to complete ACE screener

I'm looking for research on the validity of the ACE screening tool or a modified ACE screener to use in our clinic. Also, we are wanting to screen all adult patients and then eventually want to start with pediatric patients. Regarding pediatrics, are there any data supporting a specific methodology? For instance, we were thinking of having parents complete it for birth to 11 and then having 12 to 17 year olds complete their own. Any research and/or thoughts on this is greatly appreciated!Read More...
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I am working with a great group to finalize our charter and we are ready to host our first collaborative meeting that is open to our community. Would you please make recommendations of speakers, activities and videos that have been successful at your meetings and possibly your collaborative's launch. Our launch will be on October 9, 2018 from 5-7pm and we predict there will be about 65 people in attendance. We will be providing food and childcare. A HUGE thank you for all your help.Read More...
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I'm looking to connect with other champions of change working in the realm of adult mental health/substance abuse residential care. In June, I became the program director of a dual diagnosis (mental health and substance abuse) community residence (New York state, overseen by Office of Mental Health, Congregate Care Level II). Since then I have been working to shift policy, procedure and best practices using a harm reduction model and trauma informed approaches. Although I am absolutely...Read More...
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Mental Health Needs Assessment for Schools

Stephanie E. Moehlenkamp
Good morning, all! We are working on creating a mental health needs assessment for our school division, so that we can collect data and move in the direction of becoming more trauma-sensitive in our approaches. Does anyone have a mental health needs assessment for schools, students, faculty, or any other instrument that you feel would be helpful? Thanks for any help or suggestions! StephanieRead More...
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I am looking for work

Vladimir Tolskiy
Hello everybody, I am a survivor and a mental health advocate. I live in Frederick MD. Currently I live on SSI and I work part time at a wellness and recovery center. My monthly income is $810 and I spent most of this amount as rent. It is difficult for me to do my advocacy work with such low income. Some discretionary funds are required for someone to be an advocate. I cannot earn more then $60/ month, otherwise SSA will subtract it from my SSI. Because I live in chronic pain, I cannot work...Read More...
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