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Trauma group collects data for grassroots campaign []

There is no statistical data collected on trauma, and adverse childhood experiences anywhere in Australia and the North-West Coast and West Coast of Tasmania is a region that can be a leader in this area. That was the main message presented to a packed out trauma awareness forum at Ulverstone on Tuesday, according to Mersey MLC Mike Gaffney. Mr Gaffney, a supporter of the newly-formed North-West-based grassroots organization Trauma Awareness Network Australia, said the forum welcomed the...

New Mexico Takes Up Bill to Extend Foster Care to 21 []

New Mexico may soon join the majority of states in offering “extended foster care” to youth ages 18 to 21, if a proposed bill makes it to the desk of new Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham (D). Senate Bill 23, sponsored by Senators Michael Padilla (D) and Candace Gould (R), will receive a hearing of the Senate Judiciary Committee this week. The bill would extend the upper age of foster care to 21, linking older youth to such services as independent living support and continued case management.

Cincinnati Neighborhoods Cross Cultural Divides With Storytelling []

Most ballet dancers get started as young children, while their bodies and minds are most pliable for learning the discipline. But Antonio White, 21, didn’t step foot in a dance studio until well into his teenage years. “I saw it on TV a long time ago, and I always wanted to do it,” he said about his aspirations to become a dancer, adding that he discussed it with everybody he knew. But given White’s economic circumstances, paying expensive tuition and buying pricey dance wear wasn’t an...

Part 2. Claire’s Story: She’s scared to death

Part 2: By K. Hecht, A. Hosack, P. Berman I am all alone. I will always be alone. No one cares whether I live or die. Nurse Karin has checked on Claire almost every hour. She agrees with the Head Nurse-Claire is showing all the warning signs of a high-risk pregnancy; Claire had no expected due date, no family obstetrician or prenatal care, she is only 15, and there are no signs of family support. Nurse Karin kept checking at the nursing station, but no one had even placed a call to check in...

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Interview re: Exposure Therapy

Teri Wellbrock
I am finishing up my February 1st Hope for Healing Newsletter and am looking for a therapist to answer these questions regarding Exposure Therapy. Any help would be greatly appreciated! I will be glad to tag you (or not, if that's your preference) in the newsletter. Thank you in advance. 1) What exactly is Exposure Therapy? 2) Are therapists all trained in it or is it a specialized modality? 3) Why should someone consider Exposure Therapy? 4) How long does it take to notice a therapeutic...Read More...

Suggestions about Dr.

Robyn Gledhill
I’m overwhelmed from becoming physically disabled by chronic pain from lumbar facet OA, nerve compression and disc hernation plus cervical stenosis with disc herniations n headaches. I muddled through with mood disorders and working a fast paced job in resort real estate but at late 40s, the physical is haulting me. Question is about my ssdi claim because I seriously have a number of impairments and medical support in some areas but the fact that my upbringing was chaotic, shameful and...Read More...
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The Healing Place Podcast Guest Request

Teri Wellbrock
I am reaching out in search of possible guests for my spring lineup on The Healing Place Podcast. If you are interested in joining me on-air or know of someone who might fit my search criteria, please reach out to me via this post, my email, or text/call. I am honored to have had such amazing souls join me on The Healing Place Podcast over these past two years. My goal for this podcast is to offer a platform for others to shine their light. I love the idea of offering a space for healing and...Read More...
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