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A Trauma-Informed Response to Racism: Here is Where We Might Begin

The healing of trauma begins when the traumatized body can tell that it is safe. The body’s feeling of safety is not the same as the rational part of the brain thinking “I ought to feel safe now.” It’s also not the same thing as the rational part of the brain believing , “I feel safe now.” The body is safe when the reptilian part of the brain feels safe, and with it, the amygdala, and the limbic brain (which is connected to the reptilian brain through the amygdala). It takes practice for the...

As I Thaw: Healing White Privilege and Coming Home Human

Trigger alert: this article is about dismantling racism in white bodies. This is not to downplay that people of color have been and are the primary targets and survivors of racialized trauma. This article is an exploration into what it means as a white person to dissolve white supremacy inside my own white body, and what it might point to in terms of thawing white supremacy in our collective white bodies (churches, schools, communities). I am not new to conversations about race and racism.

International Survivors of Suicide Loss Day (

Today, we remember those who died by suicide — and the people who were left behind. We remember our loved ones and how they lived, the moments of joy that existed alongside the pain. We remember their death does not define them. We remember their death does not define us. We remember hope. Hope for healing, hope for recovery, hope for ourselves and for a better tomorrow. We remember to support each other through unanswered questions, complicated grief and the “new normal” that at times can...

How to Stay (Mostly) Sane When Family Visits Make You Crazy

Yay! The holidays are here and everywhere, people with some level of Childhood PTSD are facing the prospect of returning home. Let's say you've escaped a childhood that contained abuse, neglect, and exposure to parental violence and addiction, and let's say now you're living happy and free as a grown-up. You get an e-mail. It's your mother. She wants to know if you are coming home for Thanksgiving and you say yes, of course, and you jump right online and book a $400 plane ticket. And then...

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Original ACEs study

Ruben PENA
Good Afternoon ACEs community, I am an MSW student completing my Capstone project in my senior year. My partner and I have decided to complete a research study on ACEs, Trauma Informed Care, and how it is being implemented in day to day operations of a child welfare system we are interning at. In our research, we are trying to find a connection between the ACE's studies and the formation of TIC. Up until now, we have only found information about child welfare agencies using TIC, but not how...Read More...
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What would you say is the difference between TIC and ACEs informed care?

I see trauma informed care and "ACEs" or ACEs informed care used interchangeably anymore. Some folks disagree with that, and feel that trauma and TIC are different than dealing with all ACEs (but there is overlap). Help/advice for teaching a varied group of both clinical and nonclinical professionals in public health? Thank you!Read More...

Need resource for evidenced-based healthy relationship program for middle school

A middle-school dean in Tennessee needs information on evidenced-based programs that teach middle-school children about healthy relationships. Anyone know of a good program for this? Ideally, it would be a program the school can build on year after year.Read More...
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