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Poor sleep triggers viral loneliness and social rejection []

Poor sleep can literally kill your social life. Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, have found that sleep-deprived people feel lonelier and less inclined to engage with others, avoiding close contact in much the same way as people with social anxiety. Worse still, that alienating vibe makes sleep -deprived individuals more socially unattractive to others. Moreover, well-rested people feel lonely after just a brief encounter with a sleep-deprived person, potentially...

How To Make A Civics Education Stick []

How do you teach kids to be active participants in government? Or to tell the difference between real news and fake news? In their last legislative sessions, 27 states considered bills or other proposals that aim to answer these questions. Many of those proposals are rooted in popular ideas about the best ways to teach civics, including when kids should start, what they should learn and how to apply those lessons. Here's a look at some of those concepts. Start when they're young, go into...

Even Indigent Families Must Pay for Their Child’s Attorney in Most States, Report Says []

In all but 10 states, the families of children charged with crimes can be assessed fees to use attorneys appointed to represent them or billed for the cost of that representation, according to a new report . “In almost every state, youth or their families must pay for legal assistance even if they are determined to be indigent, either by reimbursing the cost, paying a flat fee, or paying an application or other administrative fee,” the report from Juvenile Law Center says. “Charging families...

'Disability Rights Are Civil Rights': Inside the CAP's New Disability Justice Initiative []

Why aren't more Americans mobilizing around disability? In the last presidential election, according to our best numbers , 46 percent of all disabled Americans and a slightly greater percentage of their families supported Donald Trump for president. This pattern held true even though Trump has espoused policies that have been harmful to people with disabilities . One possible explanation, according to many leaders in the disability rights world, is that, while the disability community has...

Ask the Community

I am working with a great group to finalize our charter and we are ready to host our first collaborative meeting that is open to our community. Would you please make recommendations of speakers, activities and videos that have been successful at your meetings and possibly your collaborative's launch. A HUGE thank you for all your help.Read More...
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I'm looking to connect with other champions of change working in the realm of adult mental health/substance abuse residential care. In June, I became the program director of a dual diagnosis (mental health and substance abuse) community residence (New York state, overseen by Office of Mental Health, Congregate Care Level II). Since then I have been working to shift policy, procedure and best practices using a harm reduction model and trauma informed approaches. Although I am absolutely...Read More...
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Mental Health Needs Assessment for Schools

Stephanie E. Moehlenkamp
Good morning, all! We are working on creating a mental health needs assessment for our school division, so that we can collect data and move in the direction of becoming more trauma-sensitive in our approaches. Does anyone have a mental health needs assessment for schools, students, faculty, or any other instrument that you feel would be helpful? Thanks for any help or suggestions! StephanieRead More...
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I am looking for work

Vladimir Tolskiy
Hello everybody, I am a survivor and a mental health advocate. I live in Frederick MD. Currently I live on SSI and I work part time at a wellness and recovery center. My monthly income is $810 and I spent most of this amount as rent. It is difficult for me to do my advocacy work with such low income. Some discretionary funds are required for someone to be an advocate. I cannot earn more then $60/ month, otherwise SSA will subtract it from my SSI. Because I live in chronic pain, I cannot work...Read More...
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Teen Pregnancy

Carolyn Curtis
I am looking for research regarding ACEs and teen pregnancy. Does anyone know of any studies related to this topic? As a nation we have greatly reduced the teen pregnancy rate. I am wondering if the teens who are now getting pregnant have a higher ACEs score, so that ACEs science needs to be part of these programs. Thank you for your response. Carolyn Curtis carolynrichcurtis@gmail.comRead More...
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