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All That Bad Is Going To Mean Something - Survivor-Led Care (

The idea of survivor-led care is gaining traction in groups that help victims of sexual exploitation, human trafficking, and abuse. Karen Campbell, program manager of community initiatives at the Canadian Women’s Foundation, which funds programs to prevent and respond to sexual violence. “Listening to the people who are affected is the first step to figuring out what a strong and good intervention looks like.”

Four Myths We Used To Believe About The Effect Childhood Trauma

Everyone knows that trauma in childhood can cause problems later in life, but until recently, we totally misunderstood how this happens. Here are four myths that have dominated our understanding of Childhood PTSD, and convoluted our approach to treatment: Myth 1: Childhood PTSD is a psychological wound. What we know now: We now know that the damage from early abuse, neglect and chronic stress is largely neurological -- in other words, it causes brain and nervous system changes. These...

Governor Carney Signs Executive Order Making Delaware a Trauma-Informed State []

Governor Carney on Wednesday signed Executive Order #24 making Delaware a trauma-informed state. This Order provides direction for the Family Services Cabinet Council to help mitigate the impact of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and build resilience in children, adults and communities. ACEs can include physical, emotional, or sexual abuse; physical or emotional neglect; household dysfunction, including substance abuse, untreated mental illness, or incarceration of a household member;...

Understanding And Dissolving Our Toxic Ties

I know that you have thought of the childhood roots of your toxic ties in adulthood. A toxic tie is when you feel yourself being held hostage in a relationship in which you feel yourself losing power. You don’t want to feel this way, but you don’t seem able to stop. One common root of this is being raised by parents who had a toxic tie to one another. We cannot change our past, but we can change our present for a brighter future, and in so doing. support our children in developing healthy...

Ask the Community

I facilitate a Support Group for Adult Survivors of Child Abuse (including Physical, Emotional and Sexual Abuse and Neglect) here in Houston, TX every other Tuesday from 7 pm to 8:30 pm. I’ve been facilitating this Group for a little over 2 years. We meet again on October 16, 2018, and every other Tuesday, in Houston, Texas. There is no charge to attend this Support Group. I am reaching out to each of you to ask for your help in sharing the information about this very important work. I...Read More...
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Hope for Healing Newsletter

Teri Wellbrock
Ten people just joined my monthly newsletter mailing list. It is growing a little more each and every day. I have set a goal to add an additional 355 people by the end of October! If you'd like to help me reach my goal, please follow the link below and subscribe to my monthly newsletter. I promise no spam. Just a monthly newsletter from me . . . filled with all things hopeful, healing, and happy! You know, that glitter-sh!tter stuff I do. I am soooooo clo se to having the ebook done for my...Read More...
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Apps and Internet Resources

Hi! Can you recommend apps or resources on the internet for families that address the Center for Youth Wellness' 6 components of care plus 2 more? nutrition exercise mindfulness supportive relationships quality sleep psychotherapy/mental health care financial stability parenting Recommendations that serve English and/or Spanish speakers would be most appreciated!Read More...
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