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Community Resilience Initiative

CRI offers Resilience Based Trainings to Address Trauma Trauma-Informed Trainings: Moving to Resilience (3 Courses) Train the Trainer Course Community-wide Resilience Building Framework in Response to Trauma Customized Training, Support, and Coaching For complete training course descriptions and information visit our training offerings page… Our community-building framework and 21 years’ experience in capacity building is the essence of what created the platform for the documentary Paper...

Job Opportunity - Managment Analyst - Department of County Human Services

The Management Analyst supports the Department's Director and Deputy Director by managing highly visible and complex projects by: developing and tracking critical milestones; monitoring project tasks, scope and resources; and addressing risks and problems. Supervises the provision of administrative support to the Director and Deputy Director. Directs a variety of management services, including: policy and procedure analysis and development; legislative analysis; meetings and hearings; and...

How Much Is A Human Life Worth?

At the heart of the argument over whether the economy should be open or closed is an explosive question that is often ignored: “How much is a human life really worth?” Put another way, “Do we save thousands of lives or do we save the economy which affects millions of people?” Either way, almost everyone is facing a traumatic experience.

Childhood trauma can speed biological aging []

By Manisha Aggarwal-Schiefellite, The Harvard Gazette, August 3, 2020 Experiencing adversity early in life has a direct effect on a person’s mental and physical health as they grow, and certain kinds of trauma can affect the pace of aging, according to new Harvard research. In addition to being risk factors for anxiety, depression, and stress, early life experiences like poverty, neglect, and violence are powerful predictors of physical health outcomes like cardiovascular disease, diabetes,...

Ask the Community

Building the case for change: Surveying primary care practices in trauma screening

Hello! I am a new member, I am a physician who has been working in the trauma-pain world for over 2 decades here in Arizona, and I am soon to start on an MPH with focus on epidemiology. I am going to survey primary care practices with regard to screening for trauma in children and adults throughout the state, and I would like to know if other members are interested in this project. I would welcome your input! The idea is to get solid data on how many providers are screening for trauma, and...Read More...
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Remembering as well as Reinventing

Dennis Haffron
When writing my recent comment about the success of previous public employment programs. It became clear to me that there have already been successful programs dealing with many of the problems that we are currently facing. At that time, during the Johnson, presidency they were called Community Action Programs (CAP). During the Reagan years most of those programs were either de-emphasized or destroyed however the technology exists and may be employed today especially with the insights of...Read More...

Trauma-informed policing - feedback?

Hi there, My name is Becca and I am a public policy graduate student. I've been interning with Rural Opportunity Institute in Edgecombe County, NC this summer, mainly researching trauma-informed policing. My time with ROI is coming to a close and I have developed a report with recommendations for Edgecombe County based on national examples. ACESConnection blog posts and resources have been very helpful as I put together this work! I am eager for feedback from folks far and wide so I thought...Read More...
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Covid-19 Resource for Support

Hi, I just wanted to share a resource that is available for organizations related to support during Covid-19. TEND Academy which specialized in secondary traumatic stress has created a webinar series that offers essential strategies, tools and resources to help organizations front line workers and their leaders to support their clients and one another during the COVID-19 pandemic. With webinars focused on navigating the covid fog, dealing with endless zoom calls, essentials of understanding...Read More...
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Class Equity resources, information and training

Hello all, Does anyone have resources, information, including training/workshops information to share regarding Class Equity (Poverty, Middle Class and Wealthy)? I am hoping to create professional development to a group of human services staff and I am hoping to find a fiscally sustainable way to provide training. Thank you!Read More...
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