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10 Steps To Success: Building Systems to Prevent and Treat ACEs

Here are ten tested steps that guide our 100% Community initiative focused on the data-driven and cross-sector prevention of ACEs, trauma and health disparities. The ten steps are those taken by local stakeholders as part of the 100% Community initiative. Action teams will choose to focus on one of ten family-focused sectors, following the key phases of continuous quality improvement which include: assessment, planning, action and evaluation. We seek improvements in all ten sectors, from...

Most kids on public coverage have parents who work for big companies, new study finds []

By Giles Bruce, Center for Health Journalism, July 3, 2019. The conventional wisdom is that kids are on government health insurance because their parents are unemployed or work at small businesses with meager benefits. A study released this week debunks that theory. Research from the PolicyLab at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia found that the majority of children insured through Medicaid or the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) — more than 70% — have a parent employed by a large...

L.A.'s ShakeAlert earthquake warning app worked exactly as planned. That’s the problem []

By Emily Baumgaertner, Los Angeles Times, July 15, 2019. More than 500,000 people have downloaded Los Angeles County’s new ShakeAlertLA app to warn them of impending earthquakes. So when the two strongest earthquakes in almost two decades hit Southern California this month, those residents were surprised by what they saw on their smartphones: nothing. Officials were quick to explain to outraged app users that the shaking in the county wasn’t strong enough to trigger an alert. But that...

Ask the Community

Any ACES activity in New York City?

I live in New York City, and am a child abuse/ACES survivor. Is there any ACES Connection activity in this area? If there was, I would love to get involved. I just looked at the geographic communities map and didn't see any.Read More...

trauma-informed care training

Hello: I am a physical therapist working at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center in Baltimore. I have been a PT for 28 years and I am currently working with physicians in community as well as in outpatient rehab. I am looking to find out if there is some form of training in Trauma-Informed Care that I could participate in with goal of developing an educational curriculum for our rehab therapists and to use with PT students that come to us for clinical experiences. As you are aware Baltimore...Read More...

Back to school flyers?

Connie Battles Bern
Do you all have any back-to-school flyers including how to help children/youth adjust with the idea/concept of going back to school and the anxiety that some might experience?Read More...