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Rising suicide rates need population level interventions (The BMJ)

BMJ 2020 ; 371 doi: org/10.1136/bmj.m3852 (Published 07 October 2020). Future suicide data must include more information for analysing health inequalities Dear Editor, Woody Caan made an important assertion that adult suicide rates will only reduce once policy makers tackle health inequalities, with particular consideration needed regarding adverse childhood experiences during the Covid-19 pandemic (Letters, 10 October). [ Please click here to read more ]

The Role of Cognitive Dissonance in the Pandemic [The Atlantic]

Members of Heaven’s Gate, a religious cult, believed that as the Hale-Bopp comet passed by Earth in 1997, a spaceship would be traveling in its wake—ready to take true believers aboard. Several members of the group bought an expensive, high-powered telescope so that they might get a clearer view of the comet. They quickly brought it back and asked for a refund. When the manager asked why, they complained that the telescope was defective, that it didn’t show the spaceship following the comet.

We’re Not Doing Enough to Help the Homeless (The Intelligencer)

By Nick Cochran, October 24, 2020, The Wheeling Register. Youth Services System Inc. is seeking input from the local homeless population with the goal of bringing some of them to the table alongside representatives from local nonprofits, government agencies and offices, law enforcement, churches and the public for a restorative justice event in 2021. [ Please click here to read more ]

Early Trauma Leads to Changes in the Blood

By Rita Ziegler-Zurich, October 21, 2020, Early trauma leads to changes in blood metabolites similarly in mice and humans, according to new research. Experiments with mice show that these potentially harmful effects on health are also passed to the next generation, the researchers report. They identified a biological mechanism by which traumatic experiences become embedded in germ cells. People who live through traumatic experiences in childhood often suffer long-lasting consequences that...

Historical Trauma Specialist Certification- Level 1

The Historical Trauma Specialist Certification- Level 1 is a comprehensive understanding of Historical Trauma from a multicultural lens. The training is designed for participants serving, leading, advocating and working with people of color. It is the perfect training for people in multicultural families and for anyone with the desire to understand the impact of slavery, genocide and colonization. The course dives deeply into the following topics: Introduction: Explosion of COVID-19 &...

Marine Credit Union Partners with Statewide Initiative to Help Build A Resilient and Trauma-Informed Organization, Community (PRNNewswire)

By Marine Credit Union, October 20, 2020. LA CROSSE, Wis. , Oct. 20, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Marine Credit Union is taking action and partnering with Resilient Wisconsin , a state wide initiative bringing together the latest evidence-based tools and trauma-informed practices. Resilient Wisconsin works with community partners to introduce the Resilient and Trauma-Informed Community (RTIC), a framework adopted by community partners to collaboratively respond to what we have learned from the...

Ask the Community

Screening for racial trauma

Leslie Lieberman
Hello all, a colleague at a Community Health Center is wondering if anyone knows of and/or has experience using a screening tool that looks at experienced racism as trauma. Thanks! LeslieRead More...
Hi! I have a colleague (private practice family therapist in MA) that is wondering if there are resources for families - especially parents - during remote instruction. He says many many parents are really struggling. Shit show is the term I believe he used. LOL... Many Thanks, EmilyRead More...
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ACE as an Assessment Tool in Homeless Services

Olivia McCall
Hi there, Working with families experiencing homelessness, specifically those with infant and todders. As we adapt our services and try to engage families in a virtual way, we are looking for alternatives to our typical assessment tools. We would love to incorporate ACEs. Though homelessness is not necessarily captured through this tool, we still want to be able to work it into our conversation about the way homelessness can impact a child's social and emotional development and physical...Read More...
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Apply for RESILIENT COMMUNITIES OFFICER Position in North Carolina!

Please check the job requirements and description before applying. Please use the link at the end of this post to apply. Full-time EXEMPT Hiring Range: $52,978 - $66,222 Location: North Carolina Job Summary The Resilient Communities Officer studies community partnerships who focus on young children and families and builds local partnerships’ capacities to improve outcomes for families with young children and foster healthy and resilient communities. Through relationship-based practice the...Read More...
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Book, article, videos and other resource recommendations for parents raising child who has survived early sexual abuse?

Hi all! I generally work with late teens/young adults so would love any tips from folks who work on the younger end of the spectrum or have more experience on the parenting end of the spectrum. I'm looking for recommendations on resources (readings, videos, etc.) for parents raising a pre-adolescent child who is a survivor of early sexual abuse. Bonus points if there's any great content on handling this issue as adoptive parents. Thank you!Read More...
Last Reply By Marti Howard · First Unread Post
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