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Webinar: Defining and Unpacking the Social Determinants of Health & Health Equity

Join the National Academy of Medicine (NAM) on November 29 as it hosts the first webinar in its Culture of Health Webinar Series. Date/Time : November 29, 2018, 4:00 – 5:00 pm EST The National Academies report Communities in Action: Pathways to Health Equity identified 9 social determinants of health and how these determinants impact our health and the health of our communities. The report also defined health equity as the state in which everyone has the opportunity to attain full health...

ACEs teach us why racism is a health equity Issue: Dr. Flojaune Cofer (Part One)

Dr. Flojaune Cofer and Ben Duncan , each from public health backgrounds that focus on health disparities, addressed ACEs in the context of health equity for their panel entitled ACEs, Race, and Health Equity: Understanding and Addressing the Role of Race and Racism in ACEs Exposure and Healing . Cofer and Duncan co-presented to a standing-room-only audience at the 2018 ACEs Conference: Action to Access co-hosted by ACEs Connection and the Center for Youth Wellness Oct.16-17 in San Francisco.

Breathe for Life

BREATHE FOR LIFE © John W Travis MD, MPH Adult humans normally breathe at the rate of one breath every six to eight seconds and inhale an average of sixteen thousand quarts of air each day. If nothing is done to restrict breathing, it will happen naturally and fully. But people continually inhibit natural breathing in many ways—poor posture, tight or binding clothes, "speed eating," exposure to noxious substances, smoking, lack of exercise, plus habitual patterns of emotional stress. When...

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Need resource for evidenced-based healthy relationship program for middle school

A middle-school dean in Tennessee needs information on evidenced-based programs that teach middle-school children about healthy relationships. Anyone know of a good program for this? Ideally, it would be a program the school can build on year after year.Read More...
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Did high rates of ACEs and CPTSD cause a difference in visual attention that resulted in a voting anomaly in Broward County, FL?

Did high rates of ACEs and CPTSD cause a difference in visual attention that resulted in a voting anomaly in Broward County, FL? According to an article written for the Washington Post by Dana Chisnell and Whitney Quesenbery, co-founders of the Center for Civic Design, "In Broward County, according to MCI Maps , about 3.7 percent (30,896) of voters skipped voting for U.S. senator — as much as 2.5 percent more than in most other counties, and a lot more than neighboring counties. In fact,...Read More...
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