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How the Grinch Stole Christmas Because of his Childhood Trauma []

Last weekend I saw The Grinch at the movie theater with my nephews and family. Everyone knows the historic tale of the Dr. Suess book, How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Grouchy green guy steals Christmas from innocent town in an attempt to make his own pain go away. Spoiler alert: it doesn’t work, and the kind hearts of the Whos in Whoville show the Grinch that the spirit of Christmas comes from their hearts and not material goods. I guess this was the first time I watched The Grinch in...

LOOK FOR ME Video Now on YouTube

Video of the first-ever performances of LOOK FOR ME, the musical about healing from trauma, is now available on YouTube. Look For Me was created to challenge one of the most pervasive myths about trauma and PTSD: that the damage done by traumatic experiences is a life sentence. The video now available is from performances of a 25-minute excerpt of the show presented at the New York New Works Theatre Festival in September, 2018. The excerpt captures the full storyline of the main character,...

Parenting Today Video Series: Dr. Claudia Gold (

Was corresponding this week with Dr. Claudia Gold this week and learned about an amazing webinar series for parents. Here's a link to the interview with @Claudia Gold. "Make some room in your life for people who listen to you - wherever that is. If no one is listening to you, you aren't going to be able to listen to your child." Dr. Claudia Gold That is one of my favorite quotes from the webinar. Here's more about the entire parenting series: Here's the link to the rest of...

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Different term in place of trauma-informed

Somewhere I recently read that the umbrella term "trauma informed" is being adopted by some groups but not really being followed or implemented. The author recommended a different umbrella term. I thought I made note of that suggested term and somehow can't find it. Did you see that article? If so, will you point me toward it? thanks for all you do for us! Blessings!Read More...
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Update on Resilience Programs that address Secondary or Vicarious Trauma

Am happy to report that the City Council of Philadelphia will be holding an informational public hearing on secondary trauma and staff resiliency programming on Dec. 7. (see attachment) The Philadelphia ACE Task Force is doing a great job preparing for the hearing, e.g. lining up some excellent panelists, etc. It is everyone's hope that this hearing will create the ground work for innovative public policy that seeks to mitigate secondary trauma for city and contracted workers who provide...Read More...
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OT and ACEs

elizabeth schroeder
I am in search of occupational therapists doing research in pediatrics regarding ACEs and trauma informed care. I am in the Kansas City, Mo area and I am seeing a great need. I would like to research sensory processing/modulation and ACEs. Also how parent’s ACEs impact relationships and child development. Please reach out if you are interested or have been doing research. Thank you!Read More...
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