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Addressing Marginalization: Redirecting Strategies of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Workplace (Webinar) []

By Stanford Social Innovation Review, August 23, 2019 This Complimentary SSIR Live! Program will Explore: A landscape understanding of common diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) efforts in civil society organizations and their ramifications Strategies for addressing underlying causes of a lack of diversity and inclusion in the workplace A systems thinking lens for designing processes and structure-oriented strategies to DEI Deconstructions of key DEI concepts and discussion of their...

Lengthy Detention Of Migrant Children May Create Lasting Trauma, Say Researchers []

By Rhitu Chatterjee, National Public Radio, August 23, 2019 This week, the Trump administration announced a new regulation that would allow it to detain migrant families who have crossed the U.S. border illegally for an indefinite period of time. The new rule aims to replace the Flores agreement, a 1997 court settlement which limits the amount of time that children can be detained by the government to a maximum of 20 days. But psychologists say that indefinite detention could have a lasting...

SEPT 4, 2019 HHS Webinar - Childhood Trauma and Mental Health Impacts

I just received an email notification of an upcoming Webinar hosted try the Health and Human Services - Center for Faith and Opportunities Initiative 9Partnership Center) Thought it would be helpful to share! The following is an excerpt of the announcement. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Trauma ― specifically trauma experienced as children or adolescents ― can significantly impact individuals across their...

The Keys to Powerful Solutions Journalism []

Solutions journalism offers comprehensive coverage of an issue by proposing solutions rather than just focusing on the problem. The Center for Media Engagement set out to determine how certain components of solutions journalism affect the way readers evaluate both the reporting and the issue. Solutions journalism strives to include what is sometimes overlooked: reporting not just about the problems facing society, but about how communities respond to them. The Center for Media Engagement...

Merging Schools, Improving Equity: Inside a Chicago Community’s Effort to Dismantle a Pattern of Segregation []

By Emily Peiffer and Anna-Lisa Castle, How Housing Matters, August 21, 2019 Chicago is starkly segregated by race and income. But the city’s schools are even more segregated than its neighborhoods, and school segregation persists even in more residentially integrated areas. For students, this can perpetuate vast disparities in education resources and hinder children’s opportunities and well-being. This disparity was clear in Chicago’s Near North neighborhood, where two public schools sat...

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Parenting Program

I am looking for a model of a parenting program that is based in the understanding of trauma and it's effects on behavior. The prospective attendees will be families who have experienced ACEs, but do not have the knowledge and understanding of the effects of trauma and try to parent from a traditional "discipline" perspective. The typical behavioral management parenting style.Read More...
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Interactive Tool for discussing clients trauma

Does anyone know of any interactive tools that can generate a discussion on personal trauma and its effects? This tool should be one-to-one with questions tailored to spark conversation. It is less a 'fill in the blank' form than a thought provoking verbal 'essay' form. Bill Davis wdavis@uih.orgRead More...
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Sheri Cohen
Dear Community, My dearest friend has Vertigo, could someone help me understand how trauma and Vertigo are interconnected if at all. He is doing all of the manuveurs, and interventions including medication that he can find. He has travelled to Toronto and other areas to find Dr's to help him .. right now he has been suffering with vertigo for over two months... what might "you" all suggest? I would like to faciliate something different for him. is somatic work possible?Read More...
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