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"Breaking the Silence with Dr. Gregory Williams" Radio Program broadcast worldwide!

Houston – August 21, 2019 – The premiere radio program of Breaking the Silence with Dr. Gregory Williams was broadcast worldwide live this past Sunday evening and now is being released to over 120 podcasts networks. Dr. Williams is on the Senior Administrative Leadership Team at the Baylor College of Medicine OB/GYN department located in the Texas Children’s Hospital Pavilion for Women Hospital in Houston, Texas. He is the author of Shattered by the Darkness: Putting the Pieces Back Together...

Intergenerational Impacts of Family Violence - Mothers and Children in a Large Prospective Pregnancy Cohort Study []

By D. Gartland, R. Giallo, H. Woolhouse, F. Mensah, and S.J. Brown, August 18, 2019 Violence and other adversities commonly co-occur, yet are usually investigated individually. The primary objectives of this paper are to investigate: (i) the relationship between maternal exposure to violence (including childhood abuse and intimate partner violence) and postpartum mental and physical health; and (ii) the extent to which exposure to violence and poor maternal mental and physical health are...

'Nobody Learns It in a Day': Creating Trauma-Sensitive Schools []

By Sarah D. Sparks, Education Week, August 20, 2019 There's never been a clearer scientific picture of the ways damaging experiences and intense, chronic stress can hurt a child's ability to learn in school. But for many schools, the picture of what trauma-sensitive schooling looks like in practice is still developing. "We're in an all-fired hurry because there's this 'trauma' thing and we have to help our kids," said Melissa Sadin, the director of the Creating Trauma-Sensitive Schools...

High-Ranking Maryland Officials Swap Ideas for Addressing Childhood Trauma in Baltimore []

By Catherine Rentz, The Baltimore Sun, August 20, 2019 Just one traumatic experience in childhood can permanently impact a child’s health and decision-making, studies show. In Baltimore, where there have been more than 1,500 homicides and 3,400 shooting victims since 2015, children experience trauma on a scale that some leaders say amounts to an “epidemic.” Some of the region’s leaders came together Tuesday to look at the most recent research and discuss what more can be done. U.S. Rep.

Author and Meditation Teacher Kevin Griffin Daylong

Joanie Lane and A Positive Light meditation center -Kelseyville, Ca. Hosts; Kevin Griffin - Daylong 10:00AM TO 4:00PM SATURDAY OCTOBER 19, 2019 Learn to navigate your life with clarity and joy in this experiential daylong, open to all. In a time of great conflict and contention in our society, it can be extremely valuable to learn how to approach these relevant topics: • The challenges of living with other people; • The risk of hating anyone, even your enemies; • And the dangers inherent to...

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Parenting Program

I am looking for a model of a parenting program that is based in the understanding of trauma and it's effects on behavior. The prospective attendees will be families who have experienced ACEs, but do not have the knowledge and understanding of the effects of trauma and try to parent from a traditional "discipline" perspective. The typical behavioral management parenting style.Read More...
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Interactive Tool for discussing clients trauma

Does anyone know of any interactive tools that can generate a discussion on personal trauma and its effects? This tool should be one-to-one with questions tailored to spark conversation. It is less a 'fill in the blank' form than a thought provoking verbal 'essay' form. Bill Davis wdavis@uih.orgRead More...
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Sheri Cohen
Dear Community, My dearest friend has Vertigo, could someone help me understand how trauma and Vertigo are interconnected if at all. He is doing all of the manuveurs, and interventions including medication that he can find. He has travelled to Toronto and other areas to find Dr's to help him .. right now he has been suffering with vertigo for over two months... what might "you" all suggest? I would like to faciliate something different for him. is somatic work possible?Read More...
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Grants to promote overcoming ACEs

Christopher Freeze
Has anyone seen or is familiar with a state's Department of Health and/or Department of Human Services offering a grant (in response to a request for proposal [RFP]) to help children overcome ACEs? To be a more trauma-informed community? Some combination or derivation of the two? If yes, can you provide a link or copy of the RFP/grant? Thank you.Read More...
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