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The Intersection of Systematic Racism, the Pandemic, and SDoMH: Reality Mandates Change

Systematic racism is at the core of mental health disparities and social determinants of mental health (SDoMH).Upstream factors obstruct patient access to needed and appropriate assessment, timely intervention, with treatment for these populations often reflecting poorer quality, and ending prior to completion of treatment. COVID-19 and the recent pandemic have only amplified meso and micro-level gaps in care. considered, provided, and reimbursed.

What Happens Before College Matters []

By Madeline St. Amour, Inside Higher Ed, October 20, 2020 Higher education is not the root of all equity gaps. But it can be a vehicle to lessen those gaps. Historically, it has not been. Equity gaps between students based on their race, ethnicity and income persist and thrive at most institutions. For Black students, simply accessing higher education remains difficult, particularly at four-year colleges. At some institutions, including public flagship and research universities, access has...

The Complicity of Academia in Policing of Families []

By Victoria Copeland, The Imprint, October 20, 2020 Academia is a space for immense learning and knowledge building. It is a place where ideas are crafted into resolutions for some of the world’s greatest concerns. Yet, because of its potential to do good, we often overlook academia’s complicity and collaboration in harmful research projects and practices. The “Ivory Tower” has notably harmed Black and Indigenous folks historically and in the present context. This is exemplified in its past...

ENOUGH: COVID-19, Structural Racism, Police Brutality, Plutocracy, Climate Change - and Time for Health Justice, Democratic Governance, and an Equitable, Sustainable Future []

By Krieger, American Journal of Public Health, October 7, 2020 COVID-19 starkly reveals how structural injustice cuts short the lives of people subjected to systemic racism and economic deprivation. It is not, however, the only crisis at hand. Since the May 25, 2020, murder of George Floyd, a 46-year-old African American man, by the Minneapolis, Minnesota, police, protests have coursed through cities and towns across the United States, denouncing structural racism and police violence,...

Toward communities of care: Disability justice as a cornerstone of abolition (The Daily Californian)

By Saya Abney, October 23, 2020, The Daily Californian. “What people don’t understand is that there’s no way to socially distance inside,” Kelly Savage-Rodriguez explains to me over the phone . Savage-Rodriguez is a member of the California Coalition for Women Prisoners, or CCWP, an organization currently involved with several campaigns for compassionate release and sentence commutations for elderly and immunocompromised prisoners who are especially vulnerable to COVID-19. Although jail and...

New Grant Opportunity/Request for Applications — Virtual Care Innovation Network

The Virtual Care Innovation Network aims to bring together safety net organizations across nine states to redesign care so that virtual care models continue after the COVID-19 pandemic abates and beyond. The program will enable participants to learn from peers and experts, test new approaches, accelerate the work they have already started, and develop ways to sustain virtual care as an essential component for how care is delivered into the future. Check out the application to learn more...

Ask the Community

Screening for racial trauma

Leslie Lieberman
Hello all, a colleague at a Community Health Center is wondering if anyone knows of and/or has experience using a screening tool that looks at experienced racism as trauma. Thanks! LeslieRead More...
Hi! I have a colleague (private practice family therapist in MA) that is wondering if there are resources for families - especially parents - during remote instruction. He says many many parents are really struggling. Shit show is the term I believe he used. LOL... Many Thanks, EmilyRead More...
Last Reply By Lydia Vincent-White · First Unread Post

ACE as an Assessment Tool in Homeless Services

Olivia McCall
Hi there, Working with families experiencing homelessness, specifically those with infant and todders. As we adapt our services and try to engage families in a virtual way, we are looking for alternatives to our typical assessment tools. We would love to incorporate ACEs. Though homelessness is not necessarily captured through this tool, we still want to be able to work it into our conversation about the way homelessness can impact a child's social and emotional development and physical...Read More...
Last Reply By Olivia McCall · First Unread Post

Apply for RESILIENT COMMUNITIES OFFICER Position in North Carolina!

Please check the job requirements and description before applying. Please use the link at the end of this post to apply. Full-time EXEMPT Hiring Range: $52,978 - $66,222 Location: North Carolina Job Summary The Resilient Communities Officer studies community partnerships who focus on young children and families and builds local partnerships’ capacities to improve outcomes for families with young children and foster healthy and resilient communities. Through relationship-based practice the...Read More...
Last Reply By BillieJean Fish · First Unread Post

Book, article, videos and other resource recommendations for parents raising child who has survived early sexual abuse?

Hi all! I generally work with late teens/young adults so would love any tips from folks who work on the younger end of the spectrum or have more experience on the parenting end of the spectrum. I'm looking for recommendations on resources (readings, videos, etc.) for parents raising a pre-adolescent child who is a survivor of early sexual abuse. Bonus points if there's any great content on handling this issue as adoptive parents. Thank you!Read More...
Last Reply By Amela Sandra Dzurlic · First Unread Post
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