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QUEST Movie: A Benefit for the Coalition on Homelessness

Quest is an important film about trauma, love, and resilience. I know the film maker of Quest, and I know how passionate he is to help people understand about Adverse Childhood Experiences and what can happen when one person believes in you. Santiago Rizzo tells a compelling story of his childhood that all should see. His passion is contagious, and his willingness to speak about trauma, the power of love, and the need for honesty is powerful. I suggest folks go and see this film, and then...

Trauma-informed Courts: How to Create One and Why You Should []

By Brenidy Rice and Judge Ann Gail Meinster, Juvenile Justice Information Exchange, July 17, 2019. Modern courtrooms function more like emergency rooms than traditional courtrooms. The sound of the gavel replaces the siren. Clerks, judges and attorneys are the first responders while the podium becomes the center for the differential diagnosis and treatment. More than ever before, courts are inheriting and being asked to resolve fundamental societal issues that bring people into contact with...

Drug Overdose Deaths Drop in U.S. for First Time Since 1990 []

By Abby Goodnough , Josh Katz and Margot Sanger-Katz, The New York Times, July 1 7, 2019. Three decades of ever-escalating deaths from drug overdoses in the United States may have come to an end, according to preliminary government data made public Wednesday. Total drug overdose deaths in America declined by around 5 percent last year, the first drop since 1990. The decline was due almost entirely to a dip in deaths from prescription opioid painkillers, the medicines that set off the...

Claire's Story: Davy deserves to feel safe. Part 70.

By P. Berman, A. Hosack & K. Hecht Davy is scared. I must be calm. No matter what Davy says, I need to stay calm so he can feel less scared. Claire was still feeling shocked by Davy’s reaction to Larry’s picture; she hadn’t known he was having nightmares about Larry. She had just hoped he didn’t remember those bad times. However, he did and that was that. She had to shake of her own feelings for now, she could get comfort from the Carsons for herself later. Her Davy needed her. She dried...

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Trauma-Informed College Campuses

Maureen McLaughlin
Hello All! I was introduced to this community by Dr. Jeanie Tietjen, Director of The Institute for Trauma, Adversity, and Resilience in Higher Education , at MassBay Community College in Wellesley, Massachusetts. In just two weeks, I have learned so much. Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of such important work. The reason for my post, today, is to introduce myself, my area of interest, and a pilot research project I am undertaking. I am beginning a Doctorate of Leadership in Higher...Read More...
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Dear Colleagues, as part of an invitation to speak at Penn State Medical Center in Hershey, I have been invited to give a presentation to community. Is anyone aware of any community groups in Hershey or Dauphin County which are focused and ACE/Trauma/Prevention/Healing? The medical center and I would like to connect. Thanks! AudreyRead More...
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Behavioral Intervention Plans

I’m seeking support in addressing our nation's school systems and their accountability to provide Behavioral Intervention Plans that honor students’ autonomy, their individual methods of reaching allostasis (Merriam-Webster: the process by which a state of internal, physiological equilibrium is maintained by an organism in response to actual or perceived environmental and psychological stressors) and emotional needs because I believe tackling this issue will greatly improve any and all...Read More...
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