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I’m at Fault

When I was in second grade I loved one of my classmates, Sammy. He loved me too. One day he brought me the most beautiful brooch. it was a parrot. It was glorious. It had rhinestones and other glass gems. It was the fanciest thing I had ever had. I still have it today. I pull it out every once in awhile and wonder where Sammy is today. I’ve tried looking for him on social media to no avail. I moved to a different town after my second grade year and never saw him again. I’ve had the luxury,...

The Struggle to Overcome Racism []

By SSIR Editors, Stanford Social Innovation Review, June 1, 2020 The killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police officers has ignited protests and focused the national discourse on institutional racism and how to eradicate it. SSIR's editors have assembled a list of resources to help leaders of social change and activists trying to put an end to this intractable American scourge. Racism in the United States has been a longstanding crisis that the COVID-19 pandemic has cast into an even...

COVID-19’s impact on Navajo Nation students, schools

JUNE 3, 2020| LISA IRISH | ARIZONA EDUCATION NEWS SERVICE When COVID-19 hit the Navajo Nation, it limited students’ educational opportunities after schools closed, eliminated essential school services, exposed ongoing inequities, and made health and economic hardships families face worse. Navajo health officials said COVID-19 started spreading across the nation after a tribal member attended a basketball tournament in early March then went to a church revival the next day in Chilchinbeto, a...

Addendum to HOPE Stands with Black Lives Matter []

Dr. Robert Sege, 6/4/20, Today’s blog is a brief addendum to our blog from Tuesday, June 2, “HOPE Stands with Black Lives Matter.” First of all, thank you very much for the kind words and comments we received by email and phone since the blog was posted. For your interest: this blog has been co-posted at both ACEs connection and the Center for Study of Social Policy websites. HOPE is not alone. We want to draw attention to related activities of our national...

'Procedural Fairness' Produces Better Outcomes for Justice Involved Youth: UK Study []

By The TCR Staff, The Crime Report, June 2, 2020 Young people who are treated with respect and given a “voice” in their encounters with juvenile court are likely to avoid further entanglement in the justice system, according to a study published in the United Kingdom. “Giving young people voice and the opportunity to engage in proceedings can help them identify as active agents in the [justice] process,” said the study by the Centre for Justice Innovation. The Centre, housed at the Institute...

Ask the Community

Hello, I'm an ACEs Connection staff reporter wondering if anyone knows of an ER department anywhere around the country that has incorporated trauma-informed practices? Please contact me asap:, or you can post a response here. Many thanks, Laurie UdeskyRead More...
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Measuring trauma-informed growth

Doty Shepard
I'm looking for an organizational assessment for measuring the implementation of trauma-informed principles. I'm aware of the ARTIC scale and the TICOMETER, but I can't find a sample of either without paying a significant amount of money. As anyone used these assessments in an HR setting? Or do you know of another assessment? Specifically, I'll be working with restaurants (owners/managers/staff), so I don't want an assessment that is too heavy in the behavioral health side of things. Thanks,...Read More...
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ACEs in the LGBTQ Community

Jenna Quinn (ACEs Connection Staff)
Hi everyone, I'm posting this to find out if there is interest on ACEs Connection for a new community group, focused specifically on ACEs in the LGBTQ Community. Personally, as someone who is a part of the LGBTQ community, I would love to have a community page here for whats going on in the LGBTQ community affected by ACEs. Data has shown that lesbian, gay, and bisexual community have a greater odds of having a high ACEs score than non sexual minorities. A new community group would allow us...Read More...
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resources for people of color after George Floyd's murder

Bonnie Leggo
I work at a large hospital in Wisconsin. As we return to the hospital in person, we are doing some emotional rounding with various departments in the last month. A member of my team was asked about trauma informed resources for people of color in regards to processing our nation/state/city's unrest and systemic racism. I would appreciate any suggestions. Thank you, BonnieRead More...
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