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Broken Places- A 2019 BPT Film Screening

"The world breaks and afterward many are strong in the broken places" - Ernest Hemingway, A Farewell to Arms During the BPT Pre-Conference on June 25th, CRI will be screening Broken Places - a documentary that posits why some children are severely damaged by early adversity while others are able to thrive. Filmmakers explored 40 years of film archives following children who experienced immense childhood stress, watching with curiosity as some overcame hardship and thrived in their adult...

Queer Social Journalism, Excelling the ACE Movement

A Trans-Parent Inclusive Body of Artwork What: a netart (internet art) queer social advocacy project; a response to the call to action for more trans bodies in art & research. LGBTQ+ Version of The ACE Questionaire LGBTQ+ reading list & answered call to action from the UNCA library. Resources for LGB T Q+ living in WNC & how to be an ally A neurodiverse friendly library exhibition of art/research cataloged online Where : The Univerisity of North Carolina in Asheville's Disability...

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Caregiver Support Groups

Do any of you facilitate support groups? I am facilitating a caregiver support group. Does anyone have information or training on facilitating groups...Is your group planned around topics or generally open forum type discussions...How don you get caregivers to attend... I am open to resources on the topic of building support groups. I appreciate any information you can share.Thanks in advance!Read More...

ACES Information for people with literacy issues

In our agency, we have been using the Understanding ACES flier to share information about ACES with the population that we serve, primarily mental health and children & youth services. We were wondering if there are resources available for people who have literacy issues. The info presented on the forms we use, which I've attached, may not be easy for some people to understand. How do you reach this population in your area? Are there fliers available that simplify ACES that we can...Read More...
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Expanded Questionnaires

I just did a search of the site and there is so much it is hard to narrow the search. I am looking for peer-reviewed/published versions of an expanded ACEs questionnaire that expands the questions based on current research - topics specific to social determinants of health, racism, cultural trauma, etc. Can someone suggest a good version that is easily referenced? Thank you! We are working on a paper on trauma-informed care in the cultural context for psychiatry.Read More...
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