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1st Annual Trauma-Responsive Schools Conference

HERE this NOW is thrilled to announce its first annual Trauma-Responsive Schools Conference. The event will take place May 9th-May 11th at The Woodbound Inn in Rindge, NH. The event locale was selected for its central location in New England (2-hours from Boston, 3-hours from Portland, 4-hours from Albany). This conference experience will be unlike other conference formats. Registration is limited to 40 participants to maximize psychological safety, depth of learning, and individualized...

Trauma Sensitive Schools Training Package-Take a look at this robust, free training

"The Trauma-Sensitive Schools Training Package offers school and district administrators and staff a framework and roadmap for adopting a trauma-sensitive approach school- or districtwide. The Training Package includes a variety of resources for educating school staff about trauma and trauma-sensitive practices and for providing school leaders with a step-by-step process for implementing a universal, trauma-informed approach using package materials..." This is a great training package that...

Toxic masculinity is under attack. That’s fine. []

If you Google “masculinity” right now, you’d be forgiven for thinking that men are engaged in an epic battle over our very right to exist. “ Masculinity isn’t a sickness ,” the Wall Street Journal intones. Who is behind this “ dubious attack ” on masculinity? It was a bit of a one-two punch, actually: Earlier this month, the American Psychological Association released new guidelines for working with men that highlighted a substantial body of research pointing to some of the harmful effects...

Brain biomarkers identify those at risk of severe PTSD symptoms []

Using sophisticated computational tools, researchers at Yale University and the Icahn School of Medicine have discovered biomarkers that may explain why symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can be so severe for some people and not for others. The findings are reported Jan. 21 in the journal Nature Neuroscience. The study of combat veterans who have been exposed to intense events shows that those with severe symptoms of PTSD have distinct patterns of neurological and...

Cultural Identity Is Crucial. How to Spot It in Your Child’s Classroom and What to Do About It If It’s Not There []

T here are few things in life that are certain when you become a parent — infants teach us the true value of a whisper; guilt, panic, and worrying automatically go into overdrive every day for the rest of your life; and we have never wanted the world to be a better place as much as we do as parents. However, as a mother of two black males, numbers 2 and 3 on the list of parental certainties have a distinct meaning for me, my life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for my children. In...

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Suggestions about Dr.

Robyn Gledhill
I’m overwhelmed from becoming physically disabled by chronic pain from lumbar facet OA, nerve compression and disc hernation plus cervical stenosis with disc herniations n headaches. I muddled through with mood disorders and working a fast paced job in resort real estate but at late 40s, the physical is haulting me. Question is about my ssdi claim because I seriously have a number of impairments and medical support in some areas but the fact that my upbringing was chaotic, shameful and...Read More...
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The Healing Place Podcast Guest Request

Teri Wellbrock
I am reaching out in search of possible guests for my spring lineup on The Healing Place Podcast. If you are interested in joining me on-air or know of someone who might fit my search criteria, please reach out to me via this post, my email, or text/call. I am honored to have had such amazing souls join me on The Healing Place Podcast over these past two years. My goal for this podcast is to offer a platform for others to shine their light. I love the idea of offering a space for healing and...Read More...
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Anxiety and depression

Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone feels worse after leaning that they suffer from childhood trauma. The people I was working for today asked me to come in and have lunch with them I told them I had to attend some other things at lunch . I have a very hard time being around people I used to drink to self medicate I went to group therapy for a year I have seen a therpist for 2 years and i feel that i am worst off as ever.Read More...
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