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Wisconsin Dept of Health Services - Trauma-Informed Care News & Notes, November 12, 2018

ACEs, Adversity's Impact 'My daughter didn't want a parent,' says a foster mom of kids exposed to meth, trauma Childhood abuse, complex trauma and epigenetics The highly sensitive person in an emotionally neglectful family Grandparents: Raising their children's children, they get the job done Children with JIA have higher rate of adverse childhood experiences Where does listening fit in the medical model of disease? Bad childhood experiences increase burnout among student nurses On...

Coming soon: BUILD HEALTH CHALLENGE 2019 Call for Applications

Is your local ACEs initiative built upon multi-sector and community-driven partnerships? If it is and you’re seeking to accelerate your ACEs initiative in 2019, take a look at the BUILD Health Challenge . They describe this future funding opportunity on their website (hyperlinked above). See if your local ACEs initiative efforts align with the BUILD Health Challenge funding criteria. BUILD: Bold, Upstream, Integrated, Local, Data-driven A Call for Applications will be released in the first...

Election Night 2018: Impact On Child Welfare, Juvenile Justice and Other Youth Issues []

The votes are in! America voted in potentially record numbers yesterday for a midterm election season. As a result, control of the House of Representatives has changed, 20 states will have new governors, and myriad ballot initiatives were approved and rejected. Following are some initial notes from Youth Services Insider on how yesterday’s elections could affect youth and family policy on the federal and state levels. Congress The biggest outcome of the midterms is that the leadership of...

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Did high rates of ACEs and CPTSD cause a difference in visual attention that resulted in a voting anomaly in Broward County, FL?

Did high rates of ACEs and CPTSD cause a difference in visual attention that resulted in a voting anomaly in Broward County, FL? According to an article written for the Washington Post by Dana Chisnell and Whitney Quesenbery, co-founders of the Center for Civic Design, "In Broward County, according to MCI Maps , about 3.7 percent (30,896) of voters skipped voting for U.S. senator — as much as 2.5 percent more than in most other counties, and a lot more than neighboring counties. In fact,...Read More...
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Patient Leaflet in Primary Care

Dr Warren Larkin
Hello everyone, I am working with family doctors in the UK and we are very keen to give out information in the waiting room on ACEs and the relevance to health and wellbeing. Can anyone share any handouts or leaflets they have produced to give us some ideas? Many thanks Dr Warren LarkinRead More...
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Attn: People with a lived experience of trauma?

Hello everyone, You may have seen my previous post regarding the online and international study I am currently conducting. We are also looking for people with a lived experience of trauma to participate as experts in our research. Please contact me if you are interested in finding out more. Feel free to share the below with anyone who may be interested. Thank you, Kathryn Chalmers University of Melbourne ------ Wanted: People who have experienced psychological...Read More...

Approaching the Topic of ACEs/Toxic Stress with Sensitivity and Compassion

Hi all, I'm in search of resources/ideas/discussions regarding sensitive and compassionate approaches to educating parents about ACEs/Toxic stress, specifically when working with biological parents whose decisions have contributed to the transmission of ACEs to their children. How are you all empowering parents to overcome (or set aside) the feelings of guilt, shame, and fear of being judged so that they may parent in a way that contributes to healing and resiliency? Gratitude for your...Read More...
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