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Asylum Claims Jump Almost 70 Percent in 2018 []

There has been a dramatic rise in the number of migrants seeking asylum at the southwest border, according to new statistics released by the Department of Homeland of Security on Monday (December 10). According to the findings , announced by U.S. Customs and Border Protection and reported by CNN , “92,959 claims of credible fear” were made by migrants at the southern border in 2018, “compared to 55,584 claims made in fiscal year 2017.” That represents a 67 percent jump in the number of...

How New York City Achieved an Historic Drop in Youth Detention Admissions []

This year has been one of the most transformative years in history for New York’s juvenile justice system. Just a month after one of New York’s most groundbreaking juvenile justice reforms, Raise the Age, became a reality, New York City took a wrecking ball to the decades-old Spofford Juvenile Detention Centers in the Bronx. For too long, Spofford served as a symbol of misguided approaches to juvenile delinquency. The demolition of Spofford along with the implementation of Raise the Age...

Trump Moves to Deport Vietnam War Refugees []

The Trump administration is resuming its efforts to deport certain protected Vietnamese immigrants who have lived in the United States for decades—many of them having fled the country during the Vietnam War. This is the latest move in the president’s long record of prioritizing harsh immigration and asylum restrictions, and one that’s sure to raise eyebrows—the White House had hesitantly backed off the plan in August before reversing course. In essence, the administration has now decided...

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The Business Case for becoming Trauma-Informed

Ellen Smith
Hey all, I am working on a business case for becoming trauma informed--perhaps a bit like a white-paper but I have no clout behind it. I am looking for research (either qualitative or quantitative) and articles about how becoming trauma informed, to any degree, has affected outcomes--possibly could include profits, outcomes, turnover, sick days, performance, etc. I am not focusing any one sector so would love to hear all of the information you can provide--could include legal, criminal...Read More...

ACES/Resilience Survey w/Parents

Melissa L. McPheeters
Hello all, I work at an Early Learning Center and we will be presenting on ACES and Resilience to the parents of preschoolers. One of the aspects we have debated is when to offer them the ACES and Resilience surveys. However, after reading I am wondering what purpose it would ultimately serve (and what unintended consequences it may have) to give parents the surveys. It would be optional, and...Read More...
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ACE Questionnaire: "Violence towards mother"

Greetings! I was recently facilitating a high-level Trauma Informed Care training and a question was posed that I am not sure of the answer to. I would value your feedback! The question is: Has the “mother treated violently” language on the ACE Questionnaire been updated to include gender-inclusive language or roles (or is this still a gender-specific statistic like the “mother struggling financially”)?Read More...
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Concise Summary

Hi/ I am writing a report on panhandling in our community and want to inform the readers about trauma informed communities and work that can be done to assist populations at risk... is there a concise summary I can reference or pull from to provide an educational context about why many people may struggle and what being a trauma informed community entails? Thanks for anything you can send my way.... Peg Keller/ City of Northampton Massachusetts/ pkeller@northamptonma.govRead More...