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Could Heart Rate Variability be the future of Trauma-Informed Care

In 2018, I to introduced to heart rate variability in a series with Curt Mower and Dr. Jerry Yager on the Trauma-Informed Lens Podcast. At the beginning of the series, I had barely heard of HRV, by the end, I believed HRV was the best way to measure post-traumatic growth, the impact of trauma, the health of staff, and organizational wellness. These podcasts motivated me to write a book, start companies on two continents, and create a smartphone app designed for those doing trauma-informed...

Continuing the Series on The Symptoms of Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: Symptoms 13-18

Recently we have been discussing the twenty-four most common symptoms of complex post-traumatic stress disorder (CPTSD). We’ve discovered in pieces one and two in this series how people living with the aftereffects of severe repeated trauma often experience sleep disturbances, flashbacks, and other problems. Recapping What We Have Covered As we have already learned, there are dozens of symptoms of complex post-traumatic stress disorder listed online and there may be more. However, for the...

How TIC Measurement Drives TIC Change

Organizations often see measurement and program evaluation as a luxury or something extra to do - they'll do it if they have extra cash or if it's required by a grant or a change package they purchase. It’s viewed as something that will tell them at the end whether the intervention moved the needle. What they fail to recognize is that the process of measurement is an intervention in and of itself and it can drive the change process... Read More

How Docent Health Navigates Maternity Patients to Better Outcomes []

By Padma Nagappan, California Health Care Foundation, January 19, 2021 Lupita was six months pregnant with triplets when her water broke. The quiet 36-year-old farmworker suddenly had to leave her four children and enter Bakersfield Memorial Hospital for three months so doctors could watch over her during an unpredictable third trimester. She had recently separated from her husband, so her 17-year-old was tasked with taking care of his younger siblings until she returned from the hospital.

How UC San Diego has avoided Covid-19 outbreaks while housing thousands of students []

By Michael Burke, EdSource, January 25, 2021 With a multilayered approach to detect and prevent the spread of Covid-19, campus leaders at the University of California, San Diego say they have created something rare in higher education this year: a safe on-campus experience for thousands of students. Even with Covid-19 spreading rapidly in Southern California, about 10,000 students are living on UC San Diego’s La Jolla campus this year. After avoiding any significant Covid-19 outbreaks during...

Coexistence Is the Only Option []

By Anne Applebaum, The Atlantic, January 20, 2021 T hey could be real-estate agents or police officers, bakers or firefighters, veterans of American wars or CEOs of American companies. They might live in Boise or Dallas, College Park or College Station, Sacramento or Delray Beach. Some are wealthy. Some are not. Relatively few of them were at the United States Capitol on January 6, determined to stop Congress from certifying a legitimate election. Millions more cheered the rioters on—and...

Ask the Community

More Type 2 Diabetes Since Covid?

Veronique Mead
There are reports emerging of the onset of different chronic diseases for people during the Covid Pandemic, even without getting (known) Covid infections.Trauma science suggests this could be due to the stress / trauma of the pandemic (separate from the infection). Is anyone seeing more new onset type 2 diabetes during the pandemic - in people who have had Covid or who have not had Covid?Read More...
Does anyone know if research has been done to explore whether adversity is a risk factor for why some people develop the Covid LongHauler syndrome of continued symptoms, often debilitating, that can last for months after getting Covid? It does not seem to matter whether their infection with covid was severe or mild.Read More...

FREE HELP: Need a learning designer?

Jen Slusser-MacTernan
I need to build a portfolio, and I'd like to work one day somewhere within the ACEs movement. So I'm soliciting small projects here. We'll discuss the scope of what you need and see if it's a fit. Contact me if interested. See the attached graphic or email me at jenslumac@gmail.comRead More...

Feedback wanted for documentary trailer

Hi everyone, I’m a documentary filmmaker. I’m working on a remarkable story of resilience, and I wanted to share a teaser/trailer with this community to see if such a film could be helpful in educating and/or raising awareness of ACEs and resilience. Fashioning Charel follows Charel, a single mother of two striving to break the cycle of her family losing children to foster care, as she leaves a secure job and paycheck to pursue what she feels is her true calling as a fashion designer. Woven...Read More...
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Looking for Video Resources on SAMHSA's Six Key Principles of a Trauma-Informed Approach

Hello, I'm wondering if ACES Connection folks have any video resources detailing SAMHSA's Six Key Principles of a Trauma-Informed Approach? 1. Safety 2. Trustworthiness and Transparency 3. Peer Support 4. Collaboration and Mutuality 5. Empowerment, Voice and Choice 6. Cultural, Historical, and Gender Issues My group is putting together a PowerPoint but find that informative/creative videos makes a difference as far as learning styles, visual aids, etc. Thank you in advance for sharing...Read More...
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housing for survivors of child abuse

This is Connie with I've been looking for housing that someone like myself could live in. I've been "asked to leave' every complex I've tried to live in for elderly & disabled because of my C-PTSD. I just can't deal with property managers who scream at me and threaten eviction because I accidentally put a potted plant in the wrong place. I'm elderly, with a high ACE score and lots of health issues. I've spent a LOT of time homeless. Right now live on top of a mountain,...Read More...
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