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The Relentless School Nurse: Meet "Grandma Boom" From ACEs to Empowered Passion with Purpose

Today's guest blogger is the incomparable Janai Mestrovich. Her story is powerful and speaks to how adversity can be used to create post-traumatic growth. Our ACEs can be our superpowers – the fight or flight response is designed to give us an adaptive advantage. Here is the lived expertise of an incredible pioneer in the work of overcoming adversity to create sustainable change in the lives of our most vulnerable population, our children. Janai 'Grandma Boom' Mestrovich Birth Trauma...

Episode 44: Cortney Edmondson

I thoroughly enjoyed this enlightening interview with ACEs Connection member, Cortney Edmondson - advocate, speaker, survivor, activist. Please join us as we discuss Cortney's healing journey from trauma to triumph, her mission to provide others with a space to share their stories, her speaking joys, and much more!

The Relentless School Nurse: Notes from the 2018 ACEs Conference

I am sharing the notes I took during the ACEs Conference as a snapshot of the collective wisdom of this event. Feel free to add to the list. Let’s create a shared document that archives the notes that each of us took. What messages resonated with you so strongly that you took a moment to write it down? I would love to read what others found to be helpful, hopeful and memorable. ACEs is a social justice issue We do this work because it is personal We are building the ship as we are sailing it...

The Relentless School Nurse: "We Do This Work Because it's Personal" - Dr. Nadine Burke-Harris

"Change moves at the speed of trust, and trust moves at the speed of relationships." - Dr.William Dietz It is ALWAYS about relationships, always and forever. That has never been clearer to me than this moment, as I sit at the San Francisco International Airport waiting for my flight to depart back home to Philly. I really don't want to go home and break out of the incredibly loving, supportive and trauma-responsive bubble that I have been in the last 48 hours at the 2018 ACEs Conference. I...

When Current Events Trigger Your Past Trauma

Most people have dealt with some form of trauma in their lifetime. Some have sought professional help while other people relied on their support system of family and friends to assist them through healing. Others may have never dealt with their trauma at all. They may have found a way to numb out their reactions to their trauma (e.g. substance use, intimacy disorders, overworking, eating disorders, etc.). Or they may have forgotten memories of the traumatic event. Dr. Tian Dayton recently...

Ask the Community

I facilitate a Support Group for Adult Survivors of Child Abuse (including Physical, Emotional and Sexual Abuse and Neglect) here in Houston, TX every other Tuesday from 7 pm to 8:30 pm. I’ve been facilitating this Group for a little over 2 years. We meet again on October 16, 2018, and every other Tuesday, in Houston, Texas. There is no charge to attend this Support Group. I am reaching out to each of you to ask for your help in sharing the information about this very important work. I...Read More...
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Hope for Healing Newsletter

Teri Wellbrock
Ten people just joined my monthly newsletter mailing list. It is growing a little more each and every day. I have set a goal to add an additional 355 people by the end of October! If you'd like to help me reach my goal, please follow the link below and subscribe to my monthly newsletter. I promise no spam. Just a monthly newsletter from me . . . filled with all things hopeful, healing, and happy! You know, that glitter-sh!tter stuff I do. I am soooooo clo se to having the ebook done for my...Read More...
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Apps and Internet Resources

Hi! Can you recommend apps or resources on the internet for families that address the Center for Youth Wellness' 6 components of care plus 2 more? nutrition exercise mindfulness supportive relationships quality sleep psychotherapy/mental health care financial stability parenting Recommendations that serve English and/or Spanish speakers would be most appreciated!Read More...
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