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The New Research about Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

There have been some truly remarkable research papers written about complex post-traumatic stress disorder (CPTSD) in the past few decades. Some of the research focuses exclusively on CPTSD while others can apply to any mental health disorder. In this article, I’m going to break the ice in the series about complex post-traumatic stress disorder and new research findings. A Definition of CPTSD I realize that many reading this article are familiar with the definition of CPTSD. However, for the...

Upcoming Hope Forums via Kids at Hope

Kids at Hope, in partnership with Arizona State University's Center for the Advanced Study and Practice of Hope, is keeping hope at the forefront of our minds with their Hope Forums - the next two coming up on April 1st and 8th! On April 1st, founder Rick Miller will be joined by: Special Guest: Erin Gruwell , an American teacher known for her unique teaching method, which led to the publication of New York Times bestselling book, The Freedom Writers Diary: How a Teacher and 150 Teens Used...

COVID-19 Quarantined with Dr. B

Relationships Revisted is today's topic....please share 🥰🥰🥰 COVID-19 Quarantined with Dr. B Daily FB Live at 10am pst-for parents and people needing answers and support. Then at 1030am it's time for kiddos the have a supportive care routine, daily. 🥰

Family Anxiety Challenge - Changing the Neural Pathways In Our Brains

I am a therapist who has to make an effort each day to manage my anxiety and negative emotions. Therapists are not usually open about their mental health in our culture; we are looked to as the expert and someone who has it "all together." But I became a therapist for two reasons, to help understand my brain, and to use what I learned to help others. I find that being transparent about my mental health inspires others to share their truths. Human beings are a work in progress. We know this...

Free Resource: A Children's Book to Help Understand Social Distancing

Here's a link to the book I wrote to help kids understand social distancing and express their own emotions. This is really important or things stay bottled up inside. It is now in video version; podcast and ebook are coming. Feel free to forward to others -- kids of all ages across the nation and the globe.Reprint the link. Do an article on it. Share with friends. Circulate it. Tweet it. Free resource. Bottom line: make it viral. The cover is attached!!! I hope it helps. Navigating emotions...

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CASA Training

I am looking for a template for trauma-sensitive/trauma-responsive training particularly targeting Court Appointed Special Advocates.Read More...

ACES Connection Community – we want your input! 

Dina Burstein
The HOPE team is working on a blog called, “10 Ways to Avoid ACES during COVID-19” . How are you avoiding ACES? Creating Positive Experiences? Please share your stories and pictures . We can all help each other get through this difficult time. Also, please join our Balancing ACES with HOPE community . Thank you from the HOPE Team!Read More...
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Recommendations to the State

Hi! I am wonderin if anyone is working on recommendations to their state regarding childcare and COVID-19? Many childcare owners are feeling deserted and without direction right now as our state has yet to release anything directed at childcare. Also, what is happening to support childcare owners and providers during this time of crisis? I am interested in supporting others, yet would rather not create something new if not nessary. Be well, LucyRead More...
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