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As a person who was homeless and in foster care, I’ve got No concerns for any negative effects. Have shown them to many people and...

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Knowledge is empowering for these populations. Anything that supports the core concept that the problem is not what's wrong with you,...

Comment by Sue Irwin

Hi - I work as an independent consultant. If you'd like to email you can I'm based in the UK though!

Comment by Charice DeGuzman

How do we go about getting access to this training. I work for a nonprofit that conducts an in-school and after school mentoring program...
Charice DeGuzman

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If you haven't found it yet, check out the Ohio Association of Infant Mental Health at . Ohio has been working...
Angie Roth

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Hello Tina, There are people in Ohio doing the NBO? Would love to know more! I moved to Ohio 3 years ago from Michigan where I was an...

Comment by Sue Irwin

Hi, I think understanding the root cause is extremely important and this is what we have found through the work we have been doing when...

Comment by Robert Olcott

I believe Thomas Paine noted the importance of 'Tracing things to their Origin'. Jonathan Shay's text: "Achilles in VietNam: ..." notes...
Robert Olcott