Reply by Michael Harrell

Hi Theresa! I agree that the approach to classroom order will change as we move into more heart space over time. I am pushing for...
Michael Harrell

Reply by Robert Olcott

Theresa Fry - In 2000, I heard an Epidemiologist at [then Dartmouth, now] Geisel Medical School 'Grand Rounds' present: "52% of Detroit...
Robert Olcott

Reply by Sue Penna

I fell out of these posts due to personal issues but Im back now and would love to resrtab this conversation We have developed a 10 week...

Comment by David Dooley

How about a prevention movement? Visit We are all about the primary prevention of the adverse childhood...
David Dooley

Reply by Deb Berke

Or prior to pregnancy (info on see adverse babyhood experiences: https://chronicillnesstraumast...nancy-birth-infancy/ ). Deb Berke
Deb Berke
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