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Suzie, this was really enlightening, I too suppressed my anger out of fear of being hit by my father or being given more cold treatment...

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Hi, just wanting some the inquiry about a physical restraint methodology called Handle With Care? Or Handle With...

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Please contact Andrea Darr regarding information WV Handle with Care program. Andrea Darr Director WV Center for Children’s Justice WV...
Michael O'Connell

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I concur with both Jane and Cissy. In abusive homes, family meals are times of high stress. In fact, every moment spent with an abusive...

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Just before 6 p.m. last night, I had started walking across the Lyman bridge from Vermont [across the Connecticut River] into New...
Robert Olcott

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we do. We planned the first few topics and then let the conversation direct where we go. We have several topics "on backup" if no one...

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Consider focusing on the primary prevention of adverse childhood experiences. Visit and click on Bridgework vs. ...
David Dooley

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Hi Jane, Thank you for your thoughtful response. I totally agree there is no us and them. In the end, there is only "us" and we need...
Robin Saenger
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