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16 Communities Join ACEs Connection: August 2019

Please welcome these 16 communities from CA, CT, FL, IN, IL, and OR to ACEs
.  More information about each one of them is below. You can also find theses communities among this list of all our communities.

Brevard County (FL) ACEs Connection We are a collective of educators, health care professionals, community members and more who work to prevent and reverse the effects of childhood traumas such as adverse childhood experiences (ACEs). Our goal is to brighten the future for children, their families, and our communities. Community Manager: @Lisa Adams

Community Resilience Alliance (Bridgeport, CT) We bring the community together to raise awareness of ACEs and their health effects and to promote health & wellness skills that build resilience. Community Managers: @Katerina Vlahos@Gail Carroll, and @Allison Logan 

franFranciscan Health ACEs Connection At Franciscan Health, we are committed to and believe in the establishment of strong families, thriving children, and resilient communities, especially in Indiana and Illinois. We aim to ignite a trauma-informed culture shift that is transformative in the way we understand, discuss, and serve adverse childhood experiences, trauma, and resiliency. Community Manager: @Kate Hill-Johnson


Marin County (CA) ACEs Connection
A community working in collaboration to raise awareness of ACEs prevention and to promote hope and healing. Community Contact: @Karen Clemmer (ACEs Connection Staff)

PeacePeace4Manasota (Manatee, Desoto, Sarasota Counties) (FL) 
Peace4Manasota is cultivating responsive and collaborative communities throughout Manatee, Desoto, and Sarasota Counties that foster healing and well-being. Community Managers: Kimberly Kutch and @Andrea Blanch

Portland Oregon
Portland (OR) ACEs Connection
As a community, we strive to prevent trauma, while offering hope and healing to those among us who have experienced childhood adversity. Recognizing life as a continuous series of events e.g. “life course”, we weave together epigenetics (preconception), neurodevelopment (childhood & adolescence), and ACEs science (adult and aging) as we seek pathways to health and wellbeing. Community Contact: @Karen Clemmer (ACEs Connection Staff)

San LuisSan Luis Obispo County (CA) ACEs Connection
We are creating child and family well being through building resilience, increasing ACEs awareness, and strengthening San Luis Obispo County community connections. Community Manager: @Natalie Rhodes

Shasta Strong FamiliesShasta Strong Families (CA)
A connected community for strong, safe families. Our goal is to strengthen families and reduce Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) by increasing protective factors, coordinating service systems and engaging the community. Community Managers: @Wendy Dickens 

ACEs Connection Community Facilitators Support You & Your Initiatives For questions about starting or growing an initiative, using our site and tools, please reach out to one of our regional contacts.

Start Grow

Communities in:

For more information on mapping the movement, please go here where you'll find more about all of our ACEs Connection geographic communities, U.S. states that have done ACE surveys, ACEs and trauma-informed legislation, and more. 

ACEs Connection

Be sure to click on each tab within the shinyapp to explore each community. he map is interactive and each dot includes a hyperlink and more information about each initiative. 


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