3 Step Recipe for Greater Resilience [thriveglobal.com]


By Zette Harbour, Thrive Global, October 7, 2019

I call it my Resilience Recipe. Some people have recipes passed down through the generations of their family. I guess, in a way, I did too. Only it was a recipe for feeling stressed out, anxious, and depleted. It wasn’t my parents’ and grandparents’ fault that they’d passed this on. It was what had been handed down to them, too. When I entered Jungian therapy at age 25, I began to see the outlines of what I’d inherited and was told for the first time that I had the choice to change it.

And so, I began trying out various ingredients for my Resilience Recipe. My life was my test kitchen and you know there were lots of failures. Sometimes the smoke coming out of my kitchen windows would cause the neighbors to raise the fire alarm. Fortunately, though, I survived those earlier volatile times and learned how to experiment in ways that weren’t so risky.

Over time, I found reliable, nourishing items to include in my recipe and I keep my kitchen well-stocked with those. Now, over 27 years later, I have a tried and true process for being and staying resilient. It’s one that I use every day and I hope you will, too. It’s made up of three steps and nine ingredients. 

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