6 Communities Join ACEs Connection: September 2019


Please welcome these 6 new communities from North Carolina, Florida and Maine to ACEs Connection.  More information about each one of them is below. You can also find theses communities among this list of all our communities.

van_burenVan Buren (ME) Resiliency Project ACEs Connection
VBRP is a non-profit grassroots volunteer organization in northern Maine. Its mission is to educate our small rural community about adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and empower persons from all segments of the community to assess our needs and collaboratively develop, evaluate, and sustain effective resources to promote resiliency and combat ACEs’ negative intergenerational effects. Community Manager @David Cote


Peace 4 St. Lucie County (FL)
A St. Lucie County partner group of local community members, professionals and leaders gathering to collaborate across sectors in a movement to educate our community about adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), create trauma-responsive strategies that help our community heal from trauma and connect toward building resilience. We encourage collaboration of this site to locate and share resources. Community Managers @CrystalMorris@Dorothy I Clark (Jane)Dorothy Oppenheiser, @Tonya Andreacchio, @Deb LaBella

North Carolina ACEs Connection
A forum to inform and connect individuals and communities working to promote safe, stable, nurturing relationships and environments and prevent and mitigate ACEs in North Carolina. Community Manager: @Lisa AdamsCatherine Joyner

BRACE of Pitt County (NC)
Building Resilience and Courage to Excel in Pitt County. Community Manager @Kia Glosson

We are raising awareness of ACEs and their effect on early brain development, the importance of fostering resilience, and striving to embed these principles in the Charlotte, NC area community. Community Manager @Vernisha Crawford

DARTDurham (NC) ACEs Resilience Taskforce (DART)
The Durham ACEs Resilience Taskforce (DART) envisions Durham as a resilient community where all people thrive. Its mission is to build upon the strengths of Durham communities and systems, advancing an equitable and culturally responsive approach to prevent and respond to toxic stress and trauma. Community Manager @Aubrey Delaney

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For more information on mapping the movement, please go here where you'll find more about all of our ACEs Connection geographic communities, U.S. states that have done ACE surveys, ACEs and trauma-informed legislation, and more. 

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