ACEs Connection Communities: December 2018

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As promised, here is the monthly update about the growing numbers of ACEs Connection members and geographic, interest-based, organizational, and international communities that joined ACEs Connection in November.

Join or visit our newest communities: 


Growing Resilient Communities 2.0
For more information about starting and growing ACEs initiatives, please refer to the ACEs Connection interactive graphic packed with information and a four-part process (educating, engaging, activating, and celebrating) for working in communities. The content, created by founder and publisher, @Jane Stevens (ACEs Connection staff) who worked with graphic artist, @Val Krist synthesizes lessons learned from working with, watching and writing about the work of over 100 local, national and international initiatives and the amazing individuals who make them up. 

Interested in Starting or Growing a Community?
To help you start or grow a community in your area, please reach out to an ACEs Connection Community Facilitator below:

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