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Addicts Among Us - a hopeful documentary about ACEs and addiction in Humboldt County, California (YouTube Video)

Addicts Among Us is a hour-long documentary investigating the connection between childhood trauma in Humboldt County and the region’s skyrocketing addiction rates. Addiction experts have zeroed in on adverse childhood experiences as a cause for addictive behavior. By examining local lives and stories, KEET examines this connection and efforts in the community to see this addressed.
The associate producer of the video, James Faulk - one of the central interviewees of the film - attended First 5 Humboldt's Town Hall on Adverse Childhood Experiences where the connection between early childhood adversity, mental health struggles, addiction and disease "clicked" for him. This documentary is the result. First 5 Humboldt worked with KEET TV to connect them with interviewees and resources (homeless intervention staff, drug treatment staff, school districts, therapists, probation officers, judges, physicians, child welfare professionals, and more) so they could take a well-rounded look at the issues at play, the ways community agencies are already working toward being part of the solution, and additional services and changes to systems that are recommended as next steps.

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I would be curious to looking at disorganized attachment rates in the population increasing and increasing (and the development of associated personality disorders like borderline).  I grew up in an area like Humbolt county.... It had been thriving with logging but that ended and because of the rural location far away from places with jobs.... all the kids with a secure attachment who considered school.... got out leaving the remaining population in what’s now called the disability belt... people with increased mental health problems (personality disorders which are associated very closely with disorganized attachment and generational transmission). In these areas we have greater infant mortality, lower life expectancies and those deaths that Angus Deaton calls deaths of despair. I listened to a lecture of his at Stanford.   He stated that the death rates from the deaths of despair are now almost equivalent to the rates in Russia just before its collapse. That’s amazing to me. 

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