Addressing ACES - A Call to Action

5B08B44E-04E6-475C-AD5A-0A65DB1D0471B027689D-B5DA-4F8C-9EDD-DE6660B54764B3844ADC-14D4-4237-95C3-A5FD442975241969778F-D924-4603-ADC9-41D9BA3C0A52782A5ABE-0F1E-4C81-A6B8-27DC1D92611C69845B4F-F9CE-4381-AE18-C1F8058B375ANearly 700 members of our community gathered in Blountville, Tennessee last week for the inaugural Addressing Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES) Summit.This call to action provided inspiration and education for professionals to take the next steps toward implementing trauma informed programming in their specific service areas. Keynote speakers Liz Murray “Homeless to Harvard”, Dr. Stephanie Covington, Dr. Andi Clements and Becky Haas. #balladhealth #addressingaces #East Tennessee State University #Leadership Tennessee #Camelot of TN #Tennessee Commission on Children & Youth


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Disorganized Attachment and the associated Dissociation and Acting Out - and the effects of Disorganized Attachment on the next generation. 

What’s after ACEs? 

Jane Stevens (ACEs Connection staff) posted:

Congratulations, Becky!  What a great turnout!

It was beyond what I imagined it could be!  We had educational breakout tracts for professionals in Criminal Justice, healthcare and education and a marvelous turnout for each sector. Liz’s survivor story was so compelling people were in tears and Stephanie Covington was fabulous.