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Advancing Parenting Desperately Needs Help


Advancing Parenting, a Camarillo CA nonprofit, is all about the primary prevention of the aces associated with unsupportive and harmful parenting.  Specifically, we find interesting and perhaps more effective ways of teaching everyone about parenting.  We began with parenting tips bumper stickers and they are in great demand.  Every day we receive requests for them from across the U.S. and every day I write back and tell them we don't have the money to print them.  Below is a sample from this week.


I would like to receive a set of the free bumper stickers to show my colleagues.  I am part of a project in the state of Florida that works with students who have emotional or behavioral challenges that impact their success in education.  I have lots of ideas for how our project could use the bumper stickers in our work throughout the state of Florida.

Please see my contact information below for shipping address.


JoDee Buis, LMHC

SEDNET 7A Project Manager, Mental Health Services

Orange County Public Schools

3130 Edgewater Dr.,Orlando, FL 32804

407.317.3908 ext. 6283686

Good afternoon,

My name is Katherine Buckley-Patton and I am the chair of the Be the Change 406 Community Coalition in southwest Montana.  I am also involved in our ACEs Task Force, the Early Childhood Education Coalition, and our recent implementation of the Communities that Care strategic framework in our county.

Our combined groups are very interested in distributing the parenting bumper  stickers in conjunction with our joint mission to raise healthy and resilient children.

We will likely want to order multiple sets of the 51 sticker set.  We are able to offset your costs of postage and production through our related grant funds.  Please advise costs per set of 51 stickers, turn around time, shipping and handling costs, etc.  In addition, we may be interested in personalizing the bumper stickers with our logo to relate to area residents familiar with the work we do.  Is that a possibility using your bumper stickers or is there a copyright concern?

Thank you for your time in responding to my request.  I appreciate it.

Katherine Buckley-Patton, Chair

Be the Change 406 Coalition

830 E Parkview Ct

Dillon, MT  59725

C:  406.660.1637


Good afternoon,

I would like to order a set of the bumper stickers. If you can please send them to me at the address below.


Attn: Angela Young Unit H1

9702 Bissonnet St., Suite 2200W

Houston, Texas 77036

Thank you for what you do! Have a great day.

Angela F. Young

CVS- Unit H1 Administrative Assistant

(713) 940-3025 (Office)

(512) 276-3026 (Fax)

Unit Supervisor: Katrina Trotman

9702 Bissonnet St., Suite 2200W

Houston, Texas 77036

Hi David,

I hope this email finds you well.  I believe you were on my webinar yesterday and shared your bumper stickers. I love them.  I would love to get some to distribute to team members, other parents, etc.  What is the procedure for this?  And since we are all working remotely, the address is not the one in the signature below.


Yael S. Lipton, MPH, MCHES

Curriculum Development Specialist & Trainer

Primary Care Development Corporation

45 Broadway, Suite 530

New York, NY 10006



I love this idea and am currently offering Parent Education class for our program of over 300+ students.  Is it possible to purchase a large # of them?  We’d love to share them with our families.  We are sending out weekly packets of materials to support remote learning from home due to our limited in person classes (COVID).  Please let me know what options you may have for us.

Thank you,

Teresa Schneider| Director

Early Learning Programs I Centralia College I Office (360) 623-8950|    

Direct (360) 623-8603 |

I am the Executive Director of The Sunshine Center a Non-profit Domestic Violence/Family Abuse shelter in Frankfort, Kentucky.  One of the programs we offer families to help them heal, strengthen, and grow is our parenting classes.  These bumper stickers would be perfect for our families taking these classes and our community!  If possible can you send some?

Amber Logan, Director

The Sunshine Center

(Frankfort Area Children's Council)

212 Steele Street

Frankfort, KY 40601

Phone:  502-875-3495

24-Hour Crisis Hotline:  502-229-9762


The problem is we haven’t the funding to print and ship the stickers!  Funders won’t touch us for two reasons.

  1. We are too small.  Advancing Parenting is a one man office and no employees.

  1. We don’t do conventional parenting education which can easily be measured and evaluated.  What we do is difficult to evaluate.

So, I need suggestions and advice.  How can I raise the money to print and ship these bumper stickers?  I’ve tried gofundme and other digital platforms.  Help!  Our website is

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