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America’s Cities Are Going Mindful (


Imagine what our communities would be like if mindfulness and compassion were at the heart of city leadership.

This vision is driving the Mindful Cities Initiative, a new social innovation project of the Foundation for a Mindful Society.

The Mindful Cities Initiative heralds a new phase in the development of mindfulness in society. People are increasingly talking about the benefits of mindfulness practice in holistic terms: about personal wellness and public health, about mindfulness in the classroom and its role in public education.

About mindful individuals and mindful cities.

Take Flint, Michigan, where for decades they've heroically rallied to overcome economic challenge and a devastating water poisoning crisis.

Just last week, over 120 city leaders from across all sectors took part in a mindfulness-based leadership training program delivered by the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute. After the training, Flint’s head of health services said, “This is the best thing that’s happened in Flint for a long time and we’ve got to do more of it.”

Meanwhile, in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, organizers of the Becoming Jackson Whole initiative are gearing up for a two-day summit to develop mindfulness-based training for the city’s leaders.

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