An Early Pathway to Preventing Suicide: The Role of Adverse Childhood Experiences

An article written by ACEsConnection member Dr. Linda Chamberlain PhD MPH

"An ACE score of 7 or more increased the risk of suicide attempts 51-fold among children/adolescents and 30-fold among adults (Dube et al, 2001)....

The Institute for Safe Families will expand its “Amazing Brain Series” to include a booklet for adult survivors called “It’s Never Too Late.”... One of our greatest and most critical challenges is conveying this information to a sector of the population that is at especially high risk for suicide due to ACEs--adolescents.   How can we create a safe and meaningful dialogue with teens about ACEs when the trauma is so recent or current, the need is so urgent, and yet many of the traditional responses to children at risk may not be effective in reaching this population?"


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