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"…the findings provide empirical evidence for the efficacy of ACE Overcomers in improving emotion regulation skills, psychological resilience and well-being, quality of life, illness days, and somatic symptoms…"

           Evaluation of the ACE Overcomers Program

A Technical Report Prepared by:
Linda D. Cameron, Ph.D., Paul Carroll, B. A., & William Kyle Hamilton,B.A.
University of California, Merced
September 20, 2016


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Thanks!  Just ordered it!  Looking forward to reviewing it.  I am starting a blog about the intersection of faith and overcoming trauma in my own life.  I'm not ready to share it yet - want to get the design a little more appealing and some more content posted.  So, it was beyond EXCITING to me to see this posted today!  Jesus is the ultimate healer and to show everyone how the science lines up with the Word of God is fantastic!  Awesome work!!!