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An Ode to Seasonal Depression - A poem I felt like writing this morning


Fall gold is now gold falling

Winter abound

The cheerful humans that pedal around town

Now sit and wait

It’s easy to find shelter under the bus stop awning

Seasonal depression is rapping at my chamber down

Quoth the Raven - from now until April-ish

There’s not enough day in the time

And here I thought we were saving it

All these holidays

Great uncle mctouchy with his uninvited invites

Guess that’s just how he is

Politics are not allowed at this dinner table

Only Xanax, red wine, and lies

What about my boundaries

Winter abound

How long did Wyclef say he was going to be gone

November calling

Hi, yes, we have a package for you

Things I don’t need

I’m sure a new shiny toy will keep me occupied for five minutes

Whats that - a new new one just came out

Just my fucking luck

They say the grass is greener

You wouldn’t know under all this gold

Winter abound

But what do you do other than keep going

I wonder

Oh yes I remember that time I thought to myself I’m a survivor

Survivors survive

Guess I’ll have to figure it out

Foggy mornings damp the window and I wonder

Maybe I’ll work out tomorrow

No, do it now

You’ll feel better

So many options

Bourdain in Spain is soothing

Do it anyway

No one is coming to rescue you

Winter abound

I keep waiting for the sun to shine

On my heart

It’s there I tell myself

Patience is healing

Keep time

Thump thump thump

A heart of gold she said

I remember her face like it was yesterday

Twenty years ago

Hard to tell when Fall gold turns into gold falling

Winter abound

Until next time my friend…

Be Unbroken,


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