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Are You Attending a "Families Belong Together" Event Today?

If you are attending a "Families Belong Together" event today, please share news about the event in your city, and photos of you and your group, with ACEs Connection. If you are looking for more information about events, please click here.  For directions on how to post a blog, please click here.

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I was in Sacramento, CA and along with thousands (Not exactly sure of the numbers but we closed down the street into the capitol!)  to rally against the seperation and incarceration of children and families.  

It was a hot day but that didn't dissuade folks from showing up including families with young children and a 98 year old woman who said she had to come out to demonstrate her opposition to separating families.

I was happy to join in community to show my solidarity with immigrant families who have had their children taken away and especially to show those children that we stand with them and are against these immigration policies that cause such toxic stress to children.


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