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Association of Childhood Intrafamilial Aggression and Childhood Peer Bullying With Adult Depressive Symptoms in China []


By Qing Wang, JAMA Network Open, August 4, 2020

Key Points EspaΓ±ol  δΈ­ζ–‡ (Chinese)

Question  What is the contribution of childhood peer bullying to the association between intrafamilial aggression exposure and depression symptoms in adulthood?

Findings  In this national cross-sectional study of 15β€―450 respondents 45 years or older in China, being bullied by peers in childhood was a mediator of the association between childhood intrafamilial aggression (eg, parental physical maltreatment and sibling aggression) and adulthood depression symptoms. The contribution of peer bullying to the association was approximately 30%.

Meaning  These findings recommend a life-course and integrated mental health policy accounting for intrafamilial aggression and peer bullying in childhood.

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