Beyond the ACE score: Examining relationships between timing of developmental adversity, relational health and developmental outcomes in children (


Highlights excerpted on Science Direct about a new study by Erin P.Hambrick, Thomas W.Brawner, BruceD. Perry, KristieBrandt, 
Christine Hofmeister, and Jen O.Collins published in the Archives of Psychiatric Nursing.


• Adverse experiences from 0 to 2 months predicted negative child outcomes
• Relational poverty from 0 to 2 months also predicted negative outcomes
• Adverse experiences later in life predicted negative outcomes less strongly
• Current relational health was the overall strongest predictor of outcomes
• The impact of early life adversity may increase, not decrease, over time



The association between developmental adversity and children's functioning is complex, particularly given the multifaceted nature of adverse experiences. The association between the timing of experience and outcomes is underresearched and clinically under-appreciated. We examine how the timing of both adverse (including potentially traumatic) events and relational poverty are associated with developmental outcomes.

Link to Science Direct about a new study by Erin P.Hambrick, Thomas W.Brawner, BruceD. Perry, KristieBrandt, Christine Hofmeister, and Jen O.Collins published in the Archives of Psychiatric Nursing.

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