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Boys Indoctrination into Manhood in Society and the Damaging Effects of CPTSD


By Shirley Davis, CPTSD Foundation, November 18, 2019

Almost from day one, boys born into modern society are bombarded with the idea that they are different from females. Not that females are not made to feel odd about themselves, but boys have it much harder in many ways.

We give boys guns, cars, fire engines, and other “manly” conventions and expect them to live up to what the symbolism these things infer.

When something horrible, such as sexual abuse occurs, boys receive two messages, each destructive in their own way.

One message is from the abuser that his body does not belong to him and that it is vile.

Message two is just as devastating, if you tell or grieve over what has happened to you, you will be different, broken, unbelievable, and unacceptable as a man.

The result is complex post-traumatic stress disorder that is difficult and traumatic in itself and gets in the way of the lives of men. Add the double whammy messages getting ingrained in their minds as to their manhood and you have a highly toxic situation for men.

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Often during the process of taking a Grief Recovery Method program/class, participants go back to deal with childhood abuses and the people who perpetrated them as well as those who knew about the abuse but did nothing to stop it or help recover from it.  These unresolved abuses/griefs, indeed can have lifelong negative - and cumulative - impacts upon their current relationships, health risk behaviors and physical as well as emotional health.  If you're not familiar with the program - you can learn more at and you can also search for a GRMS specialist in your community with the online directory found on the website.  I've seen some amazing healing for theses kinds of abuses through participation in a GRM program!  

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