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Broken Places after Screening Summary & Resources


Almost 2,500 ACEs Connection members signed up to watch the Broken Places documentary online on March 21st, which was made available for Vimeo streaming all day. We are grateful to KPJR Films for sharing this documentary and helping make this event happen (special thanks for the hard work of @lynn waymer, Keely Badger, @Gail Kennedy (ACEs Connection Staff), and @Carey S. Sipp (ACEs Connection Staff)

Following the event, we had a one hour chat with featured guests and many of you have asked if it's still possible to access the Twitter discussion of find out more.

It is!

To access the Twitter discussion, go to the search feature at the top right of the Twitter site and type in these hashtags: #BrokenPlacesFilm and #ACEsScience

You can also see these handles to find more: @BrokenPlacesDoc or @ACEsConnection and find portions of conversations in both places.


Special thanks to featured guests @Jane Stevens (ACEs Connection staff)@lynn waymer@Robin M Cogan Danella Rin Hover, @Sara Merz@Linda Manaugh and the Center for Youth Wellness, ACEs Connection, and KPJR who helped make the Twitter event a success. 

For those not on Twitter, here are a few of the Tweets shared from our featured guests.

How does body remember stressa few of the responses



After the online screening and Twitter event, we got this lovely note from the film Producer/Director Roger Weisberg, who gave us permission for it to be shared.

"Although we make these kinds of films to reach the broadest possible audience, it's tremendously heartening to reach a core audience of viewers who can use Broken Places in their communities to help make a contribution to trauma-informed practices and policies.  That's what ACEs Connection helps us achieve, and I'm enormously grateful."

We're enormously grateful as well to him and the Broken Places team for making this film available to all of us.

We're also inspired by how many members use films to gather, start, grow, and heal communities. This happens all over the world, as we were reminded of with this comment from @Kathleen Janet winter of Scotland who said:

"Thank you for the opportunity to watch ‘Broken Places’.... it was very powerful and brain is thinking about how we could potentially use that locally..... I work in public health in Ayrshire Scotland and we purchased the license to the ‘Resilience’ documentary a wee while ago...alongside our local Police Division we screened it 63 times in 2018...all screenings were free to attend and it  was a great opportunity to connect and have discussion afterwards... our approach has always been a partnership approach and crucially supported by people who want to share their lived experience ...young people also planned events with us too... joining and connecting across the whole life course.... looking forward to connecting here too ❤"️

To find out more about how documentary screenings have been used by various communities to start or grow resilient communities, please see the ACEs Connection screening guide which includes links for learning more about how to access all ACE-related documentaries (at least the ones we know of).


If you would like to find out more about screening this film in your organization or community, as well as a Broken Places discussion questions and screening guide.

If you're still thinking about the film, and want to leave a comment under this post, please do so. We can always keep the discussion going. If you have ideas or suggestions as to how we can make future online screenings more effective, please share that as well.

thank you


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