Building a Community of Wellness and Healing

On the Westside of Chicago, providers were struggling with many quetions over the years:

Why don't families show up to their appointments?

Why do so many families seem hopeless?

Why aren't families accepting our help?

At the same time we were hearing stories of abuse and trauma that some brave souls started telling. Many of them were providers and parent leaders who talked about their experiences with sexual abuse and incest as children.

Our understanding of ACEs and toxic stress recently has helped us to better understand what was going on in our communities and why so many are ill and die early.

Currently, we are working on a community-wide movement of reclaiming wellness and healing for parents who experienced abuse and trauma as children as well as claiming the innocence that children have a right to during childhood.

We met with community leaders, agency CEOs, church leaders, parent leaders and CEV experts to talk about what this would look like in our community. We are taking our first steps and are looking for guidance as we go along. We will be sharing our journey and stories and look forward to your responses.


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