COA Awareness Week 2019


Addiction - an ACE that often times will have multiple co-existing ACEs - continues to be a national health epidemic. Overdose rates are still on the rise. Children of addiction (COAs) are vulnerable to pain, isolation and fear every single day. BUT IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE THAT WAY! 

COA Awareness Week recognizes the challenges for kids and teenagers impacted by a parent's struggle with addiction. With the right support, children can begin to heal. With appropriate services, children can learn how to live without shame. With hope, resilience is possible.  This campaign celebrates the recovery of thousands of children supported by caring adults.

COA Awareness Week is held each year during the week Valentine’s Day falls, and is recognized around the world.  Visit our website to review the social media toolkit and many resources available to share in your community. Learn more about why this is such an important campaign. Additionally, we'll be adding a number of new resources early in the new year that you can share in your community to raise awareness and help educate adults who support these children.  Create an event in your community or provide an opportunity to support kids and teens in some way.  Additionally, check out Facebook, Twitter, and Linked In during the week and share our messages and tools to help raise awareness, and provide hope that things can change.  

Join us for COA Awareness Week 2019 - February 10 - 19.  Help make a difference that could last a lifetime. 

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Thank you, Mary Beth, for all NACoA does. NACoA was my lifeline to understanding why I had the challenges I had when I first learned about being an adult child of an alcoholic. Sis Wenger, NACoA, the work of Tian Dayton, Claudia Black, and others who were pioneers in the movement?  Lifesavers. Their work set the table for subsequent research on childhood trauma to be more widely accepted and distributed. Thank you. Deeply grateful for all you do, all NACoA does! And of course I love Sis Wenger! God knows I love Sis Wenger.