Conversations with a Wounded Healer Podcast with Sarah Buino and Brad Kammer


It was a pleasure to be a guest on the Conversations with a Wounded Healer Podcast with Sarah Buino.

We are both therapists focused on addressing Complex Trauma.  And, we have both experienced our own attachment, relational and transgenerational trauma.

On this podcast we discuss the importance of body-mind modalities that go beneath people’s symptoms in order to address the disrupted psychobiological patterns impacted by unresolved trauma.  

We share our own experiences as therapists, teachers, students and clients and how this has shaped our perspective on the necessity of continuing to learn, do our own healing work, and provide mindful service to the individuals and communities we work with.

Sarah is a psychotherapist, college professor and the founder of Heart/Head Therapy in Chicago.  Brad is a psychotherapist, college professor, and Senior Faculty of the NARM Training Institute. Together, they are passionate about brining somatic-oriented approaches to addressing ACEs, Complex Trauma and supporting personal and social healing.

We hope you enjoy the podcast: Conversations with a Wounded Healer Podcast with Sarah Buino and Brad Kammer

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