Coping with stress during the 2019-nCoV outbreak - WHO

From the World Health Organization 

Thanks to Anne Johnston, Clark County (WA) Public Health and others from Clark County who shared this on Facebook.

Is the COVID-19 outbreak stressing you out? This sheet from the World Health Organization has great tips for coping with the fear and uncertainty. Self care is important.

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I have a forthcoming piece on the traumatic impact the threat of the virus has on many people.  Not the illness itself β€” to be clear.  The focus of the article is college students and what their institutions can do to help but it has transportable application.  It should be published in NEJHE tomorrow and will repost here.  In the meanwhile, I have a couple pieces for educators on Medium and LinkedIn if anyone is interested. Easily found on google (with words coronavirus and schools and Karen Gross).

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