Destructive Power of Despair []


Credit - Jordan Gale for The New York Times

Despair has an incredible power to initiate destruction. It is exceedingly dangerous to assume that oppression and pain can be inflicted without consequence, to believe that the victim will silently absorb the injury and the wound will fade.

No, the injuries compound, particularly when there is no effort to alter the system doing the wounding, no avenue by which the aggrieved can seek justice.

This all breeds despair, simmering below the surface, a building up in need of release, to be let out, to lash out, to explode.

As protests and rioting have swept across the country in the wake of the killing of George Floyd by the police in Minneapolis, it’s evident that America has failed to learn that lesson yet again.

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despair - just another word for grief.  the ACE pyramid begins with grief - generational and historical grief - and proceeds to community grief - and then household grief - and it compounds until, like a pessure cooker - if the pressure isn't released - it has to explode in violence, increased health risk factors or suicide.  or it implodes - in ways like heart disease, cancer, exacerbated diabetes, and other health conditions.  

please begin considering what you can do to mitigate the unbelievable grief that our people are carrying - and to give them skills and tools to help address it as new griefs come in the future.  Please look for a Grief Recovery Method Specialist and program in your area - consider taking the GRMS training - see how you can help others learn to unpack some of this grief so the pressure can be relieved.  Go to to learn more.  

my 40+ year career in Public Health is now focussed on sharing the GRM message  - and most of all I hope my fellow Public Health - and Mental Health - colleagues will take a look at this program.  Is it the only answer?  of course not - but is it a part of the answer?  i assure you it can be!    Grief is a Public Health crisis!    Please reach out if you'd like more informatin -  

thank you ACES Connectioin for your amazing work in keeping us all informed!  we need you now more than ever. 

Lois Hall

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