Director's Note about tonight's PBS broadcast of Broken Places (4/6)


DirRoger Wector's Note / Roger Weisberg:  

"On 4/6 PBS will broadcast my latest documentary, Broken Places, which explores why some children who experience early adversity are severely damaged while others are able to thrive.

It feels awkward promoting a television program in the midst of a devastating national crisis.  In addition to the horrific health implications of the coronavirus, the stresses associated with the pandemic – unemployment, unstable housing, food insecurity, social isolation, limited access to medical care - compound the trauma faced by vulnerable children.  As you can imagine, these tragic developments lead to a higher prevalence of child abuse and neglect, making the film even more timely than we ever could have anticipated. 

Despite this grim picture, Broken Places is ultimately a hopeful story about building resilience in the face of adversity.  Of course, the paradox of the nightmare we're now confronting is that social distancing is essential to slowing the spread of the coronavirus at the same time that sustained social interaction is essential for building resilience among vulnerable children." 

A longer director's statement from Roger Weisberg is here. 

Broken places 2
The film trailer is available here.

Tonight's Airing:

Check your local listing time here.  

Film clips and more viewer information can be found on the PBS website.


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