Dr. Felitti Describes Future of ACE on TV Show with Dr. Alman

Scared?  Since childhood, S. T. has been anxious & scared of dying. He learned helplessness from his mother. He learned self-punishment from his father. From the outside, he lived a successful life; good job, married & kids. Inside he was divided between constant self-doubt & an ongoing secret life of escaping into porn. He spent decades like this. One day he decided to get help. He started by talking to someone he trusted at church. He got referred to me. Not surprisingly, it can take 5 years to successfully deal with 50 years of a divided self. Now he’s happier, healthier, real about what he feels & understands his inner judge (dad trained) & constant worrier (mom trained). S.T. says his biggest lesson was a WOW!  He was reading the book, β€œYour Inner Voice” that was recommended by trusted church friend & he saw himself never getting unstuck or going all the way into his childhood with the book’s exercises teaching deep emotional awareness, unconditional acceptance of his inner judge & developing his own spiritual solutions.


This TV segment with Dr. Felitti of the ACE study & Dr. Alman author of Your Inner Voice book:






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Enjoyed it!  But I'm anxious to hear you speak about the power of parenting education especially as it relates to the primary prevention of adverse childhood experiences.  

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