Early Childhood Providers, Systems Leaders, Communities: Timely! Please Answer Early Relational Health Questionnaire

Early Relational Health (ERH) â€“ is an emerging framework that elevates the primacy of relational experiences as foundational for life-long health, learning and social-emotional wellbeing and has relevance across the child and family-focused fields of pediatrics, public health, infant-child mental health, early learning, child welfare and early childhood community systems. 

Please take 10 minutes to answer this questionnaire, offered by the Center for the Study of Social Policy (CSSP). CSSP's ERH Initiative is reaching out to early childhood providers, systems leaders and communities to get a better sense of current ERH-related activities, best practices, and interests.  This work will generate a CSSP brief that will describe the implementation and readiness landscape, upon which future activities can be built.  Please share your thoughts about ERH by completing this short survey, linked here, by January 22nd. The attachment work so many of us are doing fits extremely well with the Early Relational Health perspective.

Stephanie Doyle and Dr. David Willis of CSSP are spearheading this initiative.  You can access an incredible pdf of PowerPoint slides at https://cssp.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/Early-Relational-Health-Webinar-6.12.19.pdf

Adding your voice matters so much. Pass it on to colleagues and to your people so their voices are captured too!

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Dr. Willis ---

What do you think about Allan Schore and his presentation on Boys at Risk.   I really wish we would push the EC work.  It is so essential because it is that first 1000 days that will by far make the most difference.   Thanks for the work. 

Do you think that you all could have some kind of influence on pediatrics education.  We need some PREP questions on attachment and the importance of the interactive relationship in our newborns.   We aren't getting any education on this and the CME contains nothing either.  Oh and I know Dr. Willis is up to date on everything - but I did (In MI) and the MI APP supported ASQ-SE screening in the pediatrics medical home as a QI project.  I found a lot of kids with SE delays at 2 months (a few) and at 4 months (a lot) but we didn't really have the Infant Mental Health Services to get these kids help.  Most ended up getting a cursory check with our 0 to 3 service but nothing more.  I see the ASQ-SE as a very good tool to use in the pediatrics office to pick up the kids with the early SE delays - which we should know are coming mostly because there is something developmentally that isn't happening in the relationship that needs to happen for normal infant development.    If we can prevent the disorganized / avoidant / and ambivalent attachments, we could make a lot of progress in preventing ACEs in the next generation.  


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