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Equipping Hope: A Holistic Approach to Building Trauma-Informed and Resilient Communities - $15 Mini-Event


Are you seeking support to build a truly
trauma-informed school or community?

Trauma-informed work is never a one-size-fits-all program. It is about building a responsive and actionable culture that is rooted in the science of Hope. Building healthy communities takes a full-spectrum approach, from building the buy-in, to implementing and sustaining the process.

In this online conference, you will learn the components for building change:
  • understanding how to develop Hope;
  • learning how to sustain restorative practices;
  • making self- and co-care a given,
  • lifting local families out of poverty.

This 2-hour online experience will literally hand you the comprehensive road map you’ve yearned for. You CAN equip your current ecosystem, no matter what your challenges are. You CAN move toward becoming a community of healing and resilience.

Our hearts are bursting with possibilities. In the midst of incredible uncertainty, our team has  been steadily walking alongside schools and communities to co-create healing and well-being for all.

This is the time.
We are all being called to equip a future where everyone can thrive, together.

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