Where does faith come from or go to 
almost tidal in the swaying that carries us with it 
rocked like a baby 
but no mercy 
incessant motion. 
It's a coin flip that sometimes comes up all heads 
for weeks at a time
defying the sunrise and sunset 
tradition of order.
Still, it's wait and see
watch and wait and see. 
When faith returns, it brings the childbirth pains from last year, 
only vague memories and not stopping anybody. 
It comes like the lightning bug you've never seen in these parts before
but somehow isn't a surprise.
Maybe if faith was greatest instead of love,
maybe then it would be available for updates
always ready to catch the unlearned swimmer in its huge arms
like sequoias catch the breeze and shift
so slightly 
so gently 
it's as if you dreamed it 
and a photograph did not come to life after all.

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So beautiful, Robin you poem expresses what we all go through when our faith is tested. Has God heard me, why hasn't he answered my prayers? The waiting, the doubt and yet sometimes faith and hope is all that we have to cling on. Many times having the faith of a mustard seed is hard in the face of turmoil.  Thank you.

Faith is a very elusive thing for me - the world is random, violent, chaotic and  sometimes - I am at its mercy - my faith replaced by a vacuum of numb. It doesn't show itself because of my conscious effort either, I can't "will" it to return. But when it does, my heart can relax. I can breathe differently. I am more present for my life once again.