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Finding true safety and refuge to build a life in Buffalo []


By Tim O'Shei, Center for Health Journalism, December 28, 2020

The Buffalo News
Monday, December 28, 2020

Kuresha Noor’s life appeared to be in a good place.

She had a job working with refugees, and she could relate to their aspirations and fears, because she, too, had come to Buffalo to seek refuge. After a long journey here, fleeing her home country of Somalia and spending several years in a Ugandan refugee camp, Noor had a career, a home, a direction. She spoke with a sense of resolve and carried herself with a sturdy posture that rarely betrayed the trauma she had absorbed in nearly three decades of life.

One day at the office, Noor and a coworker were chatting about home and life, and her colleague remarked, “Oh, you’re here with your husband and son.” She meant it as a good thing, as if to say, "How nice it is that you have a support system in place."

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