Gov. Kate Brown is doing plenty to boost graduation rates (OPINION) []


A little research goes a long way. In education — and in editorials.

Tuesday's editorial, "As governor stalls, education advocates propose measure to boost graduation rates," could have benefited from a little additional research itself. The editorial suggested that Gov. Kate Brown has done little or nothing to address Oregon's shocking absenteeism issue. That's not accurate. We know, because we've discussed this with her in person, hosted her education experts as speakers at our conferences and worked with her chief education officer and others in her administration to enact real action on this critical issue.

In fact, in a matter of days, House Bill 4002, will be signed into law here in Oregon. The bill resulted from 18 months of conferences, study and research with over 500 participants. National experts from the University of Chicago and Washington State University provided important input to the process. This bill represents action-oriented legislation on absenteeism — community-driven, evidence-based and forward thinking.

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