Government Legislation Demonizes Smokers

Erie County legislators, in their infinite wisdom have passed legislation outlawing the sale of tobacco products in drug stores and their host stores they may operate in. "There is no such thing as responsible smoking" is their war cry, which is an attempt to demonize  smokers. I felt the need to write an opinion in our local paper.

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Peter, your letter highlights why public health needs your voice. Often when speaking with 1st year residents we would explore their assumptions regarding the reason their patients smoked-or used other substances. Introducing ACEs as a framework for understanding behavior transformed our discussions and I’d learn later it also influenced their practice. While not limited to smoking - ACEs science needs to be right up there with stages of change and motivational interviewing to contexualize how to approach substance use in the medical setting (and beyond). Thank you for writing your letter - you likely have had more influence than you may ever know. Karen 

Peter, This is a wonderful letter. Thanks for taking the time to write it and send to your paper. I hope that any smoker reading it feels less ashamed and that it offers them courage to address the root cause of their smoking addiction.