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Calling all Grandparents raising their grandchildren or "Kinship" caregivers...

I have become the full-time guardian of my grandson. In this new role, I have found there is much lacking in regards to support for "Grand Families" and other Kinship caregivers. Often we grandparents and kinship caregivers assume our roles outside of foster care, which presents many challenges. Additionally, for grandparents, the role of returning to parenting a child can be socially isolating, financially straining, and relationship challenging. My husband (who designs Websites professionally) and I created a Website and Facebook group called Grand Family Today. It is a free site for Grand Families to connect, find support, resources, and more. Please join us there is also a Facebook page you can like Grand Family Today and when you become a member (free) at the Grand Family Today Website you gain access to a private, members-only forum on the Website and become a member of a private Facebook group.

~ Cathy Fialon

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Thank you. I have had an opportunity to check out Parenting with ACEs. It is a great community! Grand Families have some unique circumstances and challenges. I am hopeful to provide support and find support through Grand Family Today. 

Most Grand Family and Kinship caregivers are providing care outside of the formal foster care system. According to a recent Child, Trends look at kinship care, many are living at or below the poverty line. Additionally, becoming a grandparent caregiver can be very socially isolating. My peer group went from empty nesters to preschool parents. 

I am hopeful we might begin a Grand Family community here at ACEs Connection

~ Cathy

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