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Cissy's note: Some exciting news below from The Attachment & Trauma Network!

The Attachment & Trauma Network, Inc. (ATN) is honored to receive a grant through the Conrad N. Hilton foundation for improving and developing resources for children and families impacted by early childhood trauma.  The $250,000 grant will be focused on accomplishing two things in 2020:

  1. The development of a comprehensive, searchable directory of trauma-informed professionals and resources across the US and around the world that will be housed on ATN’s website and available to the public.
  2. The creation and re-development of materials for parents/families under ATN’s PATH Framework (Promoting Attachment and Trauma Healing).  This will include new webinars and education “bundles” for parents and those who work with parents and parent groups, as well as more engagement activities and resources for ATN’s members.

“I’m especially excited to supply parents of children impacted by trauma with educational materials that fit their needs.  And to help the social workers, educators and community leaders working with families to understand the importance of trauma-informed, attachment-focused parenting strategies to really help at-risk children,” says Ginger Healy, ATN’s Parenting Program Director.  In addition to various parent-focused bundles, there will be materials targeted to child welfare workers, adoption professionals and teacher/school personnel who support parents. To read more, go to the Attachment & Trauma Network website.

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