Handouts for parents about Understanding ACEs, toxic stress, resilience & Parenting with ACEs

Updated Nov. 30th, 2018

Please see the main post for these parent handouts in the ACEs Connection Resources Center.

Cissy's Note: These two flyers can be downloaded, distributed, and used freely. One is brand new and the other is a revision. They are titled as follows (and attached below):

  • Parenting to prevent and heal ACEs  

  • Understanding ACEs

1. Parenting to prevent and heal ACEs
This brand new flyer us based on the work of Donna Jackson Nakazawa who worked with us and generously allowed us to paraphrase content from her book, Childhood Disrupted: How Your Biography Becomes Your Biology & How You Can Heal. Donna's book specifically addresses those of us Parenting with ACEs (which she also does brilliantly in the powerful documentary, Wrestling Ghosts, about parenting and healing from ACEs).

screenshot PWA1PWA 2

2. Understanding ACEs / Revision:
As is noted on the flyer, as well, this is an updated version of the flyer the popular hand-out created and shared by the Community & Family Services Division at the Spokane (WA) Regional Health District. The first version of this flyer has been downloaded thousands and thousands of time and used by individuals and organizations.  See bottom of blog post for more about the original flyer. 

UA 1UA 2

Both flyers were made with generous support from
Family Hui, a Program of Lead for Tomorrow.
Translations of these flyers are in process and will be shared by Family Hui and updated on ACEs Connection when available.  

Please share your feedback and know we referenced prior comments made in the past as well as feedback from many in the Parenting with ACEs Community. All feedback is useful, even that not incorporated into these flyers. For example, next, we will create a flyer that is supportive, encouraging, and geared towards those of us living and parenting while in survival mode and who are struggling. If you want to be part of that flyer-making team or share what is/has been most helpful for you when overwhelmed, or without enough support, safety, or resources, please do (in comments or private email).

Our hope is that these can be shared with parents, teachers, survivors, medical professionals, and others. I'll be keeping side one of the Parenting to prevent and heal ACEs on my fridge to remind me that small things can make a difference for me and my kid.   

PAST Post: Thanks to the Community & Family Services Division at the Spokane (WA) Regional Health District for putting together this handout for parents.

found out about it when while doing a story about the trauma-informed elementary schools in Spokane, WA. Public health nurse Melissa Charbonneau mentioned that she'd been giving this to parents while working in neighborhoods near Whitman Elementary School in Spokane. 

We've updated it, and provided three different versions. The text is the same in all three; the difference between them is the graphics of the children. 

The versions are attached to this blog post. Feel free to download and distribute. 


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Wanted to let everyone know. I used the pre-edit handouts in my office. Put 25 up in a folder at the checkin station for pediatric patients and their families and in one week all 25 were gone. I saw three families with the flyer in hand on one day...


They get parents asking questions and wanting to hear more on ACEs and adversity in childhood!!!


Jane, I love these posters. I am putting together a workshop for children's pastors called "Trauma-Informed Churches" and this will be perfect to use. Is it okay if I copy them, leaving full credits on it, and use for a handout? 


They say so much of what is already in my workshop and in a blog post I wrote a while back. 


We really need to be educating our churches. I'm on several children's ministry closed Facebook pages and I almost go berserk when I read about bus ministries that kick kids off the bus because they won't behave or respect the adults. Arggggg. Or when a church uses the three strikes and your out policy with kids from single parent home. You know 1 strike your name goes on the board, 2nd strike your parents are called, 3rd strike you can't come back to the class for 2 weeks. Wrote a blog post about that too. 

Thanks for all you do. 

Linda Ranson Jacobs



These are wonderful!  I'm SO glad to see the sexism removed from the issue.  These are ideal for parents of elementary school-aged children (and younger).  I'm going to take copies to my Couple & Family Counseling course next Thursday night.  I was talking about ACEs in class and I know there were many cohorts who had never heard of it.  Thanks also goes to Spokane's Community & Family Division for putting these together.  It really helps.


Brenda Gregory Yuen