Having Faith When It Seems Hard To

Good morning everyone.


I was told once 1st thought is Spirit, 2nd thought is Doubt, 3rd thought is Fear. By the time you get to the 3rd thought, you have lost track of the 1st thought.


As abuse and trauma survivors we are often in crises of faith.  We have frequently been taught either in words or actions that we are of little to no value.  Who would love us or want us as we are?  We frequently feel damaged and may judge ourselves by what we have or what we can accomplish or how much we can help others.


The idea that we are sparks of Light may be so foreign that it is impossible to believe.

So, then when something happens that challenges us or rocks our world to the foundations, where do we turn?


Trust and control are usually a huge issue  with survivors.  Looking for security outside of ourselves is another issue with many survivors. 

Changes and unexpected events can challenge our beliefs about ourselves, others and the world.

So, these times can be a chance to exercise faith.  Basically, faith is the idea that someone or something bigger then us has our backs and we are safe.


Faith is not necessarily a religious idea, it can be spiritual independent of any specific religion.

I am having to call upon faith a lot these days and wonder what other people's experiences have been with using faith to get through this life journey?


Thanks for your feedback and Blessings. 

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Susan:  Thank you for your post.  For myself, I have found my faith to be THE driver of my survival and ultimate thriving.  My faith is specific - a relationship with Jesus Christ.  This relationship is the foundation of my life.  It is the only thing that I can trust.  People fail me all the time but the Lord never does.  Yes, it is hard sometimes, because my understanding of His ways falls short.  However, I stand on the specific promises of that relationship when I need an anchor in the storms of life.  I wander and His love pulls me back.  His arms are strong and His love merciful.  It surpasses anything physical.  It is His love that allows me to not sink into depths of despair and pain.  Hugs and prayers for you.