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HOPE in the Time of Coronavirus: 10 Ways to Promote Positive Childhood Experiences []


By Dr. Robert Sege, 9/16/20,

This past spring, we began blogging about ways to look at the world from a child’s eyes, in order to make sure they’re having the positive childhood experiences that they need to grow and be healthy, even in the face of disruption and adversity. In the six months or so that we have been experiencing the pandemic, the HOPE team has seen and heard many stories from around the country of families that are doing just that.

Now, as the school year starts, and—in many parts of the country—the economy is starting to sputter back, we face a new set of challenges. Today’s blog will continue to focus on how our children experience the world amidst these new challenges, even as we adults are experiencing our own anxieties and hardships. Children should never feel that they burden their parents, families, and communities. Like adults, they are experiencing enormous disruptions in their own lives.

While the advice below is centered on parents, all of us should remember to take a moment every day for gratitude. For service providers, this can be a powerful way to remember and be inspired by the people we serve. For all, you can help remind us that there is more going on in the world than the pandemic and disruption.

Given all that, here are 10 ways to promote positive childhood experiences during this difficult time.

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