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How to Bring Self-Compassion to Work with You []


“I’m going to fail. This is a total sham.”

“I’m not smart enough to do this. Why did I ever think I could?”

“Why is no one else having this problem? Everyone is doing better at this than me.”

Sound familiar? That is what we sometimes say to ourselves when things don’t go well at work and we’re feeling nervous or inadequate. Maybe we’ve missed a deadline, embarrassed ourselves during a presentation, or snapped at a colleague, and these thoughts come up relentlessly, wreaking havoc with our confidence and well-being.

Though telling ourselves these things may feel right at the time, they’re often just the result of old “scripts” we’ve learned in childhood—from parents, teachers, or other adults in our lives—repeated without thought or consideration about how they serve us. While they seem like they could motivate us to do better, nothing could be further from the truth.

[For more on this story by LEAH WEISS, go to https://greatergood.berkeley.e...ion_to_work_with_you]

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