In New York, State and City Diverge on Family First Act []


One of the most difficult jobs in government is deciding whether or not to take children from parents who have been accused of child abuse, and place them in foster care. Counties and states are responsible for making these profound decisions, and with federal assistance, paying for the related costs.

With its passage of the Family First Prevention Services Act this month, Congress rewrote the rules for how states can spend nearly $8 billion in federal spending on these costs, hoping to encourage local governments to do more to keep families together, and to minimize the time foster youth spend in group homes, which many child welfare advocates and several Senators involved in the law decried for producing the worst outcomes for kids in foster care.

But policymakers and other stakeholders in the state remain divided over the bill. And like many other policy splits, the line seems to be divided between The Big Apple and New York’s other 61 counties.

[For more on this story by Michael Fitzgerald, go to https://chronicleofsocialchang...mily-first-act/30055]

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