It's Not Always Depression, a New Self-Help Book that Offers Hope and Healing

This month It’s Not Always Depression was launched by Random House. I’m sharing it with you because it is full of important information on how to understand emotions, work with the scars left from adverse childhood experiences, and move towards calmer and authentic living. 

Recently, I was interviewed by Jill Karson, a member of this wonderful community. Here's a quote from our interview: "It is my pet peeve that our society provides us no formal education in emotions and how adversity and trauma affect us. Not only that, our society perpetuates the idea that we can be disconnected from others and ourselves, suffer the hardships of modern life, and still be ok. Well, humans don’t work like that. We need a connection to our deepest truths. My mission with the book was to show what healing looks like and to give all people who want it a basic education in emotions. Just knowing that we cannot stop emotions from happening made a difference in my life. I stopped blaming myself for having feelings and instead started to deal with them."

You can click here to read the entire interview.

I hate jargon and complicated writing. My goal with It's Not Always Depression was to translate what I do as a trauma and emotion-centered psychotherapist,  and that helps me, my colleagues and all of our patients recover from life's challenges and traumas. I worked hard to make the book relatable, accessible and practical by introducing a tool I share with my patients called The Change Triangle, a simple map I learned in my training (back in 2004). I believe all of us benefit from learning this tool and I have been passionate about sharing it ever since.

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Dana Brown posted:

Thank you, Hilary, for your engaging, informative, inspirational book! Your interview with Jill Karson was exceptional and I will be sharing about your Change Triangle and book with others.

Please know I posted your blog on our Practicing Resilience for Self-Care & Healing community too.

Dear Dana, Thank you so much for writing. I am delighted you found the interview and book engaging and informative and exceptional! Wow! I hope you will share the Change Triangle and help spread the word about the benefits of understanding emotions in our mind and body. Connection to our deepest feelings and Self and connection to others goes hand and hand, and both are so important in preventing and treating trauma and ACEs. Warmly, Hilary