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Its OK to be OK


Some days you just don’t got it. And that’s ok. You know, I get tired of these rah-rah cheerleaders who are always telling us that everything is lovely all the time. It’s not. And why the hell can’t we be OK with the fact that it isn’t always going to be fine? Some days life is fucking hard! Some days your husband leaves you, your cat dies, you burn the frozen pizza, your mom calls you, your bike gets stolen, and you drink too much coffee, so during that work meeting, you have to excuse yourself for fifteen minutes.

Look, I believe 100% of everything that happens in our lives is in our hands. We have the choice to show up and be the person that we need to be for us. I will always push people to redefine themselves despite trauma and to work towards becoming the hero of their own story continuously. Still, some days it’s ok to be sad, angry, unhappy. You cannot have light without dark.

There is something toxic about being positive all the time. How are we to fully grow and engage who we are if we do not allow ourselves to feel the full spectrum of human emotion? How can we know who we are if we don’t allow ourselves to exist? You can’t just be happy all the time. And in that, you can’t just be sad all the time either. We should invite the wheel of emotions into our lives and be willing to sit with them. Perhaps not for days or weeks, but in moments and in those moments, recognize that it’s OK to let whatever comes up to come up.

We don’t always have to be strong. We don’t always have to be bulletproof. We simply need to be human.

Until next time my friend…

Be Unbroken,


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